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Sparkling Clean Windows Is Our Business

Here at NICK’S Window Cleaning, we believe that being open and available is the first step to offering quality window cleaning in Mississauga.

We offer a wide array of different window maintenance plans that can suit the individual needs of each and every client. When you call us, we will take the time to get to know you and your needs, and work together to create a plan that meets or exceeds your expectations. Not just in price, but in frequency of service as well.


Window Cleaners Mississauga Can Depend On

It wasn’t too long ago that Mississauga was little more than a city next to Toronto, but in the past few decades, it has become a bustling and diverse metropolis with its own needs, requirements, and expectations. With such a wide array of things happening in Mississauga, it’s important that local service businesses are adaptable and versatile to meet the many different needs of their clients, and this includes window washing Mississauga residents can depend on.

NICK’S Window Cleaning in Mississauga offers our customizable plans in two key areas of window cleaning services: business and residential. Each of these have their own needs and requirements, and we have developed systems to help all our clients get exactly what they need.

Here at NICK’S Window Cleaning, we believe in having the right Mississauga window cleaning plans for both businesses and homes. If you need window cleaning in Mississauga, be sure to contact us. We can get your windows clean and looking their best, no matter what you need.

Residential Mississauga window cleaning has different needs and requirements since they are usually cleaned less frequently than businesses.

But that doesn’t mean the work shouldn’t be top notch. NICK’S Window Cleaning are able to do regular scheduled cleanings and one-off services that will keep your home’s windows crystal clear and clean. So whether you’re having a big event in a few days or care about regular maintenance for your home’s windows, we can help.

When it comes to commercial window cleaning in Mississauga, for example, we understand that having a clean and well-maintained exterior is key to giving customers and clients confidence before they even walk through your doors.

That’s why we offer professional window washing services that will keep your windows looking their best throughout the year.

With NICK’S Window Cleaning, we can set up a regular schedule for window cleaning that will have all your windows looking their best.

Mississauga is a bustling town, one that has come from being a bedroom community for the big city down the road to a powerhouse in its own right. Being such a diverse and productive city means that there are plenty of different needs it’s citizens have, including professional window cleaning.

That means a regular, scheduled appointment where a professional team of window cleaners will come to make your property look as good on the outside as it is on the inside. So whether it’s windows that are a few stories up, inside or outside, or the ones that house your beautiful display cases, we can keep everything looking its absolute best.

Why Choose Us

NICK’S Window Cleaning provides exceptional window cleaning services in the Mississauga area to both residential and commercial clients up to our maximum working height of 3 storeys.

We are fully insured and our team is highly trained, friendly professionals who know how to get your windows cleaned right. Our services include interior and exterior window cleaning so you can make sure that your property is looking it’s best all year-round.

It is our aim to make sure you are a happy customer as we are in the business of building relationships, this means we go the extra-mile to make sure your windows are looking their best and your home or office is shining brightly.

100% Natural Cleaning Products

$2,000,000 Liability Insurance

Friendly, Highly-Trained Team

10 Years Experience

Window Cleaning Benefits

Considering hiring a professional window cleaner? The cost of hiring a professional window cleaning service is minimal compared to the cost of the time it would take you to clean all the windows that your home has. If you’re still not sure if hiring a professional window cleaner is right for you consider these additional reasons to hire a professional:

Clean Windows Fast

Are you preparing for a holiday party or getting ready for an event? Hiring window cleaners will make sure that your windows get cleaned and your home is looking great in time for your event. If you need to have the windows of your home cleaned quickly the best thing you can do is hire a professional window cleaning crew to take care of it. Experienced professionals will get the job done much more quickly than you could it yourself.

Make Your Home Look Great

If you need to spruce up the appearance of your home before guests arrive or if you are trying to sell your home there’s no substitute for having your windows professionally cleaned. Experienced window cleaners know how to safely remove all kinds of dirt and debris from windows. And there’s a lot more dirt and debris on those windows than you might think. Dust, dirt, pollen, and even sometimes fungus can be on those windows. If you use mulch in your garden there may be fungus on your windows. Some types of mulch have a fungus that can swept by the wind onto the windows of your home. Professional window cleaners have the tools and experience to get anything off your windows. Even fungus.

Get The Job Done Safely

Cleaning windows yourself can be a dangerous job. If you’re not used to being up on tall ladders and you don’t have professional cleaning equipment you could get seriously hurt cleaning windows. That’s why it’s better to let professional window cleaners clean those windows for you. They have the right equipment and the right cleaners to get the windows clean quickly and safely. Don’t risk your safety trying to clean windows on your own. Hire a professional cleaning service.

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