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We Create Beautiful, Sparkling Windows

You cherish your home, and we all know there’s nothing more beautiful than sparkling, clean windows. When your windows get dirty, it affects the appearance of your entire home. Cleaning glass the right way can take a lot of time and effort.

At NICK’S Window Cleaning, we provide all of Brampton with professional window cleaning services. With full liability insurance, no long-reach equipment, and 100% all-natural products, you can rest assured that we do the job properly.



★★★★★ Fast, affordable service. Happy with those guys, will definitely keep using their services. – Alex R

★★★★★ I cannot stress enough how happy I am with these guys. They have been so persistent with their work that I went ahead and got them to clean both my house and my brother’s house’s windows. – Ravit G

★★★★★ Nick did a great job cleaning my mothers windows last week, his work looked great and it was done in a timely manner for a fair price. I would recommend Nick’s window & gutter cleaning to all my friends! – Ruth W

Our Brampton window cleaning services includes:

  • Full interior & exterior window cleaning service
  • 4-sides window cleaning (inside, outside, and in-between windows)
  • Cleaning of window frames, screens, and even tracks
  • Glass balustrades and balconies washing
  • Glass pool fence cleaning
  • Mirror washing

Windows so clean you’ll think they’re new.

If you’ve ever taken the time to properly clean glass you’ll understand that the job is not easy. While it’s simple to smear around the dirt and leave glass looking uniformly dirty, fully cleaning glass takes a lot of effort. If not given the firm, yet gentle cleaning treatment that’s needed glass easily retains water marks, smudges, and stains; leaving a window that still looks unsightly.

Serving the Brampton area for many years with a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, NICK’S Window Cleaning is not only affordable but highly effective at cleaning your windows to a beautiful shine.

100% eco-friendly cleaning supplies means your garden is completely safe!

All of our window cleaning products are 100% natural and we use no harmful chemicals. Our work is both clean and eco-friendly, as we wish to provide a safe environment both locally for our customers and globally for the world.

Have a question regarding our eco-friendly Brampton area window cleaning service? Feel free to ask us anything!

Why Choose Us

NICK’S Window Cleaning is a company you can rely on, our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and develop a long-lasting relationship with our customers as their top-rated window cleaner in the Brampton area.

We aim to make sure you’re a happy customer and that your Brampton home or business shines brightly!

100% Natural Cleaning Products

$2,000,000 Liability Insurance

Friendly, Highly-Trained Team

10+ Years Experience

Why Hire Expert Brampton Window Cleaners?

Many homeowners don’t realize how much work it is to clean windows. Think about all of the windows in your home and then think how much time and effort it will take to clean them. When you think about how much work it will take to get your windows looking great it makes a lot more sense to hire professional window cleaners. There are a lot of benefits that come with hiring a professional window cleaning service like:

Make Your Home Look New Again

Remember how great your home looked when you moved in? Getting the windows professional cleaned will bring back that sparkle and glow. If your home has lost the luster that it used to have getting the windows cleaned is a great way to revive that curb appeal and make your home look beautiful and new again. If you’re selling your home getting the windows cleaned is a great way to make the house more attractive to potential buyers. If you’re not selling your home getting your windows cleaned will make your home one of the best looking in the neighborhood again.

Better Results

Getting outside windows cleaned is tough. After months of exposure to wind, rain, storms, and merciless sun there is always a lot of dust, dirt, and other gunk stuck to those windows. Professional window cleaners have the right equipment and supplies to cut through all that disgusting stuff and get it off your windows fast. They also know how to attack that dirt without damaging the windows or the window frames on your home. Unless you have had experience as a window cleaner the results that you will get cleaning them yourself won’t even compare to the results that a professional will get.

Done Fast

Hiring a window cleaning service will get your windows cleaned fast. Most homeowners are busy people who don’t relish the idea of spending days trying to clean all the windows on their homes. For someone not used to cleaning outdoor windows the process is physically challenging. Sometimes it’s even dangerous. It also takes a lot longer than you think it will most of the time. But a professional cleaning service can get your windows cleaned safely and in a very short period of time.

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