Why Choose NICK’S Window Cleaning?

Toronto and the GTA have many different window cleaning companies that offer their services to the commercial and residential clients, but there are few reasons to choose us – NICK’S Window Cleaning service – over other companies!

10 Years Of Experience

We have 10 years of window and gutter cleaning experience and take the time to personally train and equip every single one of our employees. The first several jobs every worker gets done are performed under meticulous supervision of an experienced window cleaner that will ensure that the trainee does the service to the highest standard.

Professional, Proper Equipment

None of our equipment comes with long handles for farther reach. We are not here to make our job easier — we want to make it better! Using special ladders, we will reach every square inch of glass and treat it so it will glow out of sheer excitement! Not to mention the added safety of avoiding long handled tools.

Exceptional Customer Service

We respond on a 24 hour basis (and sometimes even same day window cleaning can be provided), work for very competitive prices (see our services sections for details) and even have 2,000,000$ commercial/residential insurance.

Eco-Friendly Business Practices

On top of that, our products are 100% natural, as we support our environment on both local and global scale. Everything is recyclable and no harmful chemicals are used. Our clients are the first priority and we do not want our work to cause any inconvenience to people. We want to keep it clean as well!

In short, your home is in good hands with NICK’S Window Cleaning. Call us for a free estimate today!