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Save $25 When You Book Today

We’re offering our valued customers $25 off window and eavestrough cleaning services this spring. How does it work?

  1. Fill out the form, or contact us before April 17th
  2. Schedule a date for service
  3. We’ll take $25 off your service rate!

It’s simple, you can call us on the phone (make sure to mention this promotion), or use the form on the side of the page.

Book with us today and save!

This promotion is subject to limited availability, contact us today to make sure you can get the date you want!

Additional services that ensure your eavestrough & gutters are protected:

  • Sealing leaking corners and joints with a high-quality sealant — this fix your leaky eavestroughs and gutters once and for all.
  • Downspout guard installation — direct the flow of water and prevent unnecessary clogging using this simple and effective system. You need to do this only once.
  • Flush out your eavestrough — we find out where exactly your pesky gutter leaks are enabling us to fix them once and for all. Very good to do before the rainy season starts, which can turn tiny holes into large inconveniences!

Our expert window cleaners know how to clean your windows so they’ll look like new.

Cleaning glass can be a very difficult task. If not given the gentle, yet firm treatment that it really needs, it will retain dust stains, water marks and little smudge that make a reasonably clean window still look ugly.

Let us handle your window cleaning, it’s safer and we’ll make your windows look brand new again. Plus, we use eco-friendly window cleaning products and all of our staff are highly-trained.

Take it easy this fall and let us handle it!

Cleaning your eavestrough & gutter system is incredibly important.

During heavy rainfall, overflowing water can cause basement flooding leading to expensive, stressful water damage and destroyed personal property. One significant problem with clogged gutters is standing water, not only a potential home for pests but the added weight puts a strain on the eavestroughing.

In the winter, any standing water in your eavestrough or downspout can freeze, since water expands when it freezes this causes warping and damage. This is a recipe for disaster as in some cases, eavestroughing and gutters can fall right off homes, potentially causing bodily harm and/or property damage.

Service Area

Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Maple, Concord, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Brampton, Markham, and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area — call us for details.