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Some duties can’t be achieved with elbow grease alone and try as you might keep your mattress spotless, you won’t be the first to discover just how difficult that is. Stains still develop and you use your mattress every day; even if it looks perfect, sweat, skin cells, and bacteria can build up resulting in unpleasant odors.

But with all-encompassing practice in removing the peskiest of dirt, we can provide a complete mattress cleaning experience that leaves your bed looking and feeling as good as new.

A quality mattress should last a long time, keep it fresh with an exceptional clean at a price that does not have you losing sleep. Our mattress cleaning services guarantee an effective and thorough cleaning every time.

Unique 7-step technology for mattress cleaning at home since 2013

7 Steps to Get the Best Mattress Cleaning Results:

  1. Vacuuming
    Cleaning your mattress of crumbs, dust, and wool
  2. Tough Stains and Spots Treatment
    Using eco-friendly agents that are safe for children and preserve the structure of the mattress fabric
  3. Washing
    Washing the mattress to clean the mattress topper as well as to remove residual agents
  4. Drying
    We have a quick-drying service so you can sleep on your mattress on the same day. It comes in a Premium package or can be ordered for
  5. Deep Dedusting
    This step is especially important for mattresses because lots of dust and dust mites gather there. The dreams will be brighter after cleaning according to some clients’ words.
  6. Neutralizing Extra Odours
    Removing unpleasant odors from the cat, dog, or other issues
  7. Passion for the Job
    Enjoying the business is indispensable in order to achieve incredible results in mattress cleaning 🙂


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Darya Lininskaya
Darya Lininskaya
I want to leave a review about the work of NICK`S Window Cleaning company. We had to turn to specialists for help because the windows in our rented house were too dirty. NICK`S quickly responded to our request, called back, clarified everything. The technician Danylo came on the scheduled time, everything is clear, fast, punctual. The staff are polite and professional. Will use again and recommend to friends!
Анастсия Перунова
Анастсия Перунова
Thanks to Nick's Window Cleaning for an excellent job. Windows are very clean after cleaning. I was pleased with the staff and the call center manager. They were very helpful in finding a service.
Mohamed Pardhan
Mohamed Pardhan
We needed our outside drain filter to be cleaned. Called and booked an appointment last minute, they happily accommodated me - technicians were prompt, polite and professional. Job well done. Highly recommended.
Meghan Ricci
Meghan Ricci
Also installed Christmas lights.
Lancelot Fernandes
Lancelot Fernandes
The company sent a great guy to clean my eves out. He phoned before he arrived and after he finished the job. He did a great job cleaning out the eves/gutter . He even used a leaf blower to clean the leaves that went on my porch from the cleaning of the eves. I would and have recommended this company to my friends and family to get their eves/gutters clean. Thanks again.
Sunny Mendes
Sunny Mendes
They did my eavestrough cleaning, excellent service, highly professional. Would recommend them to family, friends and acquaintances.
Fabio Sammarco
Fabio Sammarco
Great people to deal with, from taking my call to schedule an appointment to having them over to do the job. Thank you.
Grace C (GC)
Grace C (GC)
Good service, communication and competitively priced. Job well done. Thank you.
Shugunan Sathiyaseelan
Shugunan Sathiyaseelan
Updated: Friday, July 22, 2022 As promised, Nick's sent one of their supervisors to my home to resolve the concerns. The worker was friendly and completed the work to the best of his abilities. I appreciate Nick's window cleaning attention to customer care and addressing concerns regarding their previous service with patience. My recommendation to Nick's windows is to ensure that your staff remain focused and complete the work as agreed. Other than that, I would call Nick's windows for future gutter and window cleaning needs. Initial Service date: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 I booked for both gutter and window cleaning (including screens). Only one worker showed up, and I asked him to take pictures before and after cleaning. The worker said he didn't typically take pictures and didn't take any pictures to show to me. Earlier in the day, when I contacted Nick's customer service, they confirmed that I could ask the worker to take pictures to show before and after work. Second, the worker didn't want to complete the job correctly, including cleaning the sunroom roof and the attached gutter. When I told him he needed to clean it, he said it was difficult and agreed to clean it. In the end, the job was done correctly to my liking. I did not feel like arguing with the worker regarding this, as he was demonstrating his unwillingness to complete the tasks as he was supposed to do. I contacted the customer service rep afterward to make the payment and told her my disappointment regarding how the job was handled. The customer service rep on the phone promised to send someone over the next day to complete the cleaning of the sunroom to my liking. Let's see if Nick's cleaning will hold to its word.
Alex Myers
Alex Myers
I was surprised and delighted by the care and attention that the team showed. They meticulously scrubbed and polished all the windows and trim. I'd expected that they would use long wands to hose the windows down. No way. They came equipped with ladders to climb up and fully access even the most difficult windows right at the top of the house. Then they even scrubbed and polished the panes in our garage and front doors which I had not even expected. Everything sparkled. A true 5 star job from a team of delightful, polite and very conscientious men. And the price was very reasonable. Very highly recommended.

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Within 2 weeks after cleaning the sofa, if new stains appear, we will come and clean them free of charge.

We are well aware that it is the team that determines the mood with which we will approach the work and the quality of the services we provide. We appreciate each employee not only because each one is a true specialist in this field. We appreciate everyone for their personal qualities, and we are grateful that our employees stay with us over the years.

Our company has a motto: Don’t save on the client, and the client will not save on you. That’s why we only use high-quality, expensive cleaning agents while working. Each supplier is the market leader and has quality certificates.

Besides quality products and skills of our workers, no less important is the use of specialized cleaning appliances. We use powerful vacuums, extractors, dryers and other machines to ensure perfect results.

Mattresses are known to gather only a little dirt on the surface compared to what’s going on the deepest pile. We make great efforts to clean your mattresses, thereby ensuring you a profound clean.

You can find out the components of your favorite dish, but that’s no guarantee you’ll get it prepared the same way. It works similarly in an offsite sofa cleaning. You can buy the same vacuum cleaner and detergent, but don’t know what to do, what to use and when to use it. And due to our proven technology on ~15,000 sofas, we can say that it is effective!

Together with the head of the company, our specialists are constantly improving their knowledge, skills and expertise. It allows us to go forward, grow and become the top cleaning service.

We are the most human-friendly company. We try to build a lasting relationship with every customer and every employee. And that attitude comes back to us.

100% Natural Cleaning Products

$2,000,000 Liability Insurance

Friendly, Highly-Trained Team

10 Years Experience

Try the “Deep Cleaning of Dust and Mites” Service with Mattress Cleaning

Why is it important to dust your mattress?

A lot of dust gathers on your mattress with each passing month. It can not be removed by an ordinary vacuum cleaner. We breathe this dust, the remains of dust mites. As a result, the organism becomes weaker and allergies can appear.

After deep cleaning from dust, the mattress will be clean, the apartment will be easy to breathe and dreams will be brighter (most likely).

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