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Maintaining the image of your business is an important task. From housing complexes, to churches, and multi-level office buildings to industrial properties. Making sure that you operation looks clean and sharp is an important part of maintenance and inspires confidence in your customers, clients, and co-workers.

With dependable service and skilled workmanship, our Markham commercial window cleaning service will take care of your window cleaning needs. Day in and day out, we will keep your commercial property looking its best, so you can stick to handling what you do best.

*Max working height is 27 stories*


Building the right plan for you and your business is the first step we take to ensure that your needs are fully met.

Taking into consideration your exact requirements, we build a customized commercial window cleaning plan. A custom solution is the only way to ensure that we meet your exact needs, rather than offering a rigid selection of packages. For more details contact us and speak with one of our customer care specialists.

Our commercial window cleaning technicians are available to visit your place of business six days a week.

Discuss with us the time of day you would like to have your windows cleaned and we will do our very best to ensure that your windows are cleaned precisely when it works for you. We understand business needs vary, from a bustling office building to housing complex; there are times of the day that work better than others do. Contact us to discuss your specific cleaning needs and we will do our best to impress you with our service.

Responsible, safety conscious window cleaners.

Our staff have all received training in the best practices and methods to clean windows whether it’s cleaning condominium windows or a commercial high-rise. We make sure your property and any nearby people are safe and secure while performing our work. We carry full liability insurance for peace of mind. Our safety is the best in the industry. Contact us today and discover commercial window cleaning Markham businesses have come to depend on.

markham office building after having been cleaned by professional window cleaners, sparkling windows are plainly visible
markham condo with clean windows after having commercial window cleaning service

Office Building & Store Front Window Cleaning

Finding the right commercial window maintenance plan in Markham is simple, NICK’S Window Cleaning can offer you with an affordable and customized plan that meet your needs and expectations. Quality workmanship and excellent customer service are at the heart of our company, we provide you with industry leading service and immaculate windows.

Experienced, well-trained, friendly workers.

Our uniformed commercial window cleaners are excellent at their job. Providing you with high-quality service and clean sparkling windows. Our attention to detail is second to none, do not settle for sloppy results with a bucket and a rag, let the professionals make sure your property is looking great all-year-round.


Benefits of Hiring Markham Commercial Window Cleaners

Whether it is a retail storefront, or a multi-level office building, commercial window cleaning services are an important part of every Markham business. Dirty, messy windows are one of the things that a person only notices when there is a problem. Unfortunately, most business owners do not clean their windows often enough. This is a visible problem throughout Markham. Hiring a professional window cleaner will take the chore out of this work and provide you with the confidence that the work is being done properly.

Save Your Time

Some employers will either clean their windows themselves, or give an employee a bucket and rag to do the work. In most cases, people simply are not given enough time or have enough skill to clean the window in this manner. What results is a messy smear of dirt and grime, which ends up looking worse. In other situations, windows may be too high up to clean effectively and they simply go uncleaned for a long time resulting in an unsightly mess.

Skilled Workers

Hiring commercial window cleaning service in Markham takes the guesswork out of how to best clean your windows. Skilled technicians will use the right tools. They also possess the skills to clean your windows, sills, and window frames with precision. Hiring skilled workers makes certain that the job is completed properly. When you do not understand the work, it can be difficult to know exactly what to do to make sure the job turns out right. What is even more problematic is that you do not understand the problems that can occur.  Professionals know the ins-and-outs of window cleaning; you can trust us to get the job done right.

Markham Commercial Window Cleaners

We understand that commercial window cleaning is more than just taking care of your windows; it is an extra step to keep your business looking its best. While carrying out the work our workers are uniformed, and professional, ensuring a minimum of disruption to your day-to-day operation. Contact NICK’S Window Cleaning for your Markham commercial window cleaning needs today.

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