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Eavestrough Repair Vaughan

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Vaughan’s Gutter Repair Experts

If you want to protect your home from water damage, you should take care of your gutter system. We provide gutter repair service to Vaughan’s residents so that they can protect their houses from flooding and leakage of dirty muddy water. Our experts can solve every gutter-related problem, whether it is leakage caused by improper installation or failing joints, we can repair everything.

We are Vaughan’s top choice for gutter repair services throughout the city and have been providing our services for ten years. We provide highly trained and friendly professionals having WSIB coverage.  We are here to serve you and make sure that your gutters work properly so that you can fully enjoy your property.



★★★★★ I called Nick yesterday and he was able to fit me in for today. Showed up on time, stuck to his original quote and did an amazing job. He is incredibly professional and I highly recommend him. — Corrina Bachtiar

★★★★★ Nicks team was quick to respond to my request and was out to clean my gutters and windows the very next day. […] I was very pleased with the results and have already scheduled them to return next season. — Marshall Brown

★★★★★ Nick and his team provides convenient and quality service to their clients. We had our gutters cleaned and windows washed by them and love the experiences that we have had. They are highly recommended! — Jennifer Miller

Gutters can fail due to several reasons such as:

  • Faulty or improper installation
  • Loose joints
  • Corrosion or rusting of surfaces
  • Leakage from the seams

These failures lead to serious and complicated problems such as sagging, water leakage etc. Leakage is the most common result of every type of gutter failure. Our team can repair leakages by mending the joints of affected sections. Our team is experienced in seam repair and elimination of all sorts of leakages caused by various reasons. Leakage repair stops many associated problems such as flooding, water damage and excessive moisture accumulation in the foundations.

Home maintenance is not a simple process. Gutters are an important component of a home. It is important to regularly inspect your gutter’s performance. Ignoring a small problem such as sagging can lead to larger, and costlier problems. So you should get your gutters cleaned before they clean out your budget. To ensure that your gutters are working properly, get them inspected twice a year.

NICK’S Window Cleaning technicians are experienced in eavestrough inspection and maintenance. Your gutters work efficiently, only if they are inspected and maintained regularly. Proper maintenance also increases their life.

In winters, due to falling leaves throughout Vaughan’s territory, extra weight is added on eavestrough. It causes clogging and sagging of gutters. Large residential and commercial properties require more frequent inspection. There is more load on gutters of commercial properties as compared to normal gutters.

You can not only contact us for any sort of guidance about our commercial service throughout Vaughan’s area. You only have to make a call and leave everything to us. Our experts will make sure that your gutters work at their full capacity.

Why NICK'S Window Cleaning?

To ensure that your work is done without any damage to your property, you need to hire an experienced and reputed professional crew. We are the best choice for this work since our experts have ten years of experience in this field. We have the necessary knowledge, equipment and tools needed for repairing gutters.

Customer’s satisfaction is our topmost priority. We provide our customers with fast, friendly and helpful workers who will respect them and their property. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers. We also provide a free estimate of the work to be done.

100% Natural Cleaning Products

$2,000,000 Liability Insurance

Friendly, Highly-Trained Team

10 Years Experience

Gutter and Downspout Repair

vaughan damaged eavestrough in need of repair and leaking very badlyTo make sure that your property is well protected from damp walls and unwanted moisture in the structure and foundation, your gutters should work properly and efficiently. However, it is not as easy as it seems.

Problems Caused by Inefficient Working of Gutter System

If your gutters are facing small problems then you should get them treated as soon as possible. Negligence can cause you a lot of trouble. If you want to avoid that trouble and also want to save some money in the longer run then consult a professional as soon as you observe following phenomena in your gutter system:

  • dirt and decayed leaves obstructed in the outlets
  • bad smell from gutters
  • rust and corrosion in the joints
  • leakage of dirty muddy water
  • dampness in walls

Hire the professionals

Never ignore a small problem related to your gutter because big problems arise from the smaller ones. The people who think that they can solve the gutter problems by themselves only cause trouble to themselves and pose their property at severe risk. This is the job of experienced and professional workers who own the right equipment and have the right knowledge.

Choose NICK’S Window Cleaning Service

We are a reputed and trust worthy cleaning service. We have been providing our customers with fast and efficient work with affordable prices for ten years. Every one of our workers is highly trained and skilled. We have all the latest equipment needed for our job. Our previous customers are highly satisfied with our work.

We provide all sorts of gutter-related services throughout Vaughan, including:

  • Sagging gutters
  • Leaking gutters
  • Corner leaks
  • Soffit repairs
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Patching eavestrough holes
  • Leaking downspouts
  • Blocked downspouts
  • And much more…

So, don’t wait for your gutters to fail completely. And don’t think twice in contacting NICK’S Window Cleaning Service for both commercial as well as home purposes.

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