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NICK’S Window Cleaning is the most trusted cleaning company in Mississauga and it also specializes in eavestrough restoration services. We make sure that your eavestrough are working properly. We offer a wide range of services ranging from smaller cleaning problems to larger reparation problems.

We have been serving Mississauga for ten years and have managed to earn the status of the most reputed gutter repair company throughout the city. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced technicians who deliver best services at your doorstep. Our employees have WSIB coverage and we also have full liability insurance.



★★★★★ I called Nick yesterday and he was able to fit me in for today. Showed up on time, stuck to his original quote and did an amazing job. He is incredibly professional and I highly recommend him. — Corrina Bachtiar

★★★★★ Nicks team was quick to respond to my request and was out to clean my gutters and windows the very next day. […] I was very pleased with the results and have already scheduled them to return next season. — Marshall Brown

★★★★★ Nick and his team provides convenient and quality service to their clients. We had our gutters cleaned and windows washed by them and love the experiences that we have had. They are highly recommended! — Jennifer Miller

Rain gutters meets different kinds of failures in their lifespan. These failures may originate from improper installation or any other problem creating clogging issues. These problems ultimately lead to leakage of water from various parts of gutters especially seams or joints, commonly known as seam failure. Seam fails due to deterioration of sealing compound in seams or joints.

Seam restoration is the only way to stop leakage problems. It is, in fact, the most efficient and quickest way to solve many gutter problems. It includes the mending of joints at the affected sections of gutter. Our technicians are well versed in tackling leakage issues especially seam restoration.

If you want your gutter system to last for a long time then you should get it inspected at least twice a year by experienced industry professionals. Many people avoid small issues in their gutter systems but remember that these issues, if ignored, can change into larger and costlier problems.

Sagging of gutters is the most suitable example in this regard. Many people do not get their sagged gutters treated unless they start leaking or a complete failure occurs. Sagging occurs when water gets accumulated in clogged gutters.

Our technicians are experienced in cleaning debris and trash that results in clogging of gutters, thus avoiding sagging and the problems caused by it.

Gutters of large facilities have larger areas and carry a large volume of water in them. They are more susceptible to all sorts of failures dur to their heavy usage. Debris accumulation, spikes failures, clogging, sagging and leakages are more common, especially in extreme weather conditions. Fallen leaves in autumn also put a lot of weight on such gutters. That is why they require more rigorous and frequent maintenance.

Our technicians are highly trained for tackling all sorts of problems in gutters of large facilities. Our skilled experts can easily locate failures in such large-scale gutter systems. We have the right team and the right resources for it

Why Select Us?

NICK’S Window Cleaning is the best choice:

  • We offer best quality work which can be easily afforded by anyone
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  • We have the best team of highly skilled industry professionals
  • We have the latest tools and knowledge needed for the processes
  • We provide a free estimate of repair work to everyone

But, the best thing about us is the behaviour of our employees towards customers. We strive to earn the trust of our customers and build a long-lasting relationship with them. We respect the valuable properties of our customers.

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Eavestrough and Downspout Repair

Mississauga home with a broken gutter clearly visible, repairs are about to beginRain gutter system or eavestrough is an important part of drainage system. It must be maintained regularly but unfortunately many of us do not pay heed towards its proper maintenance. Negligence in this regard can create severe costlier problems like moisture accumulation in walls and foundations.

Do not act by yourself

Many people try to do repair work in their houses by themselves. They do not want to spend any more money since they already have spent a lot on their houses. But that does not work in case of gutter system. Without proper knowledge and tools, you will probably end up creating more problems in the system.

Avoid the risk

You should also avoid doing gutter repairing work by yourself because it is a very dirty and risky work. Without proper equipment, you and your property are equally at risk. Many people have been seriously injured while trying to repair their gutters by themselves.

Eavestrough restoration services

NICK’S Window Cleaning offers all sorts of eavestrough restoration services. We make sure that your gutters are working properly. We do all kinds of gutter work, whether it is mere cleaning of eavestrough or mending of seams, repair of broken ferrules or failed spikes, clogged outlet or sagged gutters, we restore everything to its original condition.

Get the best services

We are an established company in Mississauga with ten years of experience in all kings of gutter repair work. We have the best team of friendly and skilled technicians. Our rates are affordable. Our service is the best!

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