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Cleaning of curtains and drapes. Clean curtains and drapes in your home without removing them from the window!
NICK’S Window Cleaning – the professional curtain cleaning service in Toronto. We clean each curtain by hand, while they hang – that means no fiddly, time-consuming effort of having to unhang and rehang them to take them to be cleaned.
We guarantee no fabric shrinkage (dry cleaners typically guarantee no more than 5% shrinkage because of the steam used during ironing)
We quote per square meter and not by weight, which can significantly reduce the cost of cleaning heavy velvet and interlined drapes
Our drapes cleaning service prices also include the lining, pelmets, swags, tails, and tiebacks
Our products are designed for use in the home and will not affect your drapes’ usual shape and appearance.

6 steps on the way to the cleanliness of drapes and curtains

  • Inspection of the material from which drapes are made
  • Dried cleaning
  • Removing stains (if necessary)
  • Steam cleaning
  • Disinfecting
  • The business of our life




Mohamed Pardhan
Mohamed Pardhan
We needed our outside drain filter to be cleaned. Called and booked an appointment last minute, they happily accommodated me - technicians were prompt, polite and professional. Job well done. Highly recommended.
Grace C (GC)
Grace C (GC)
Good service, communication and competitively priced. Job well done. Thank you.

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Within 2 weeks after cleaning the sofa, if new stains appear, we will come and clean them free of charge.

We are well aware that it is the team that determines the mood with which we will approach the work and the quality of the services we provide. We appreciate each employee not only because each one is a true specialist in this field. We appreciate everyone for their personal qualities, and we are grateful that our employees stay with us over the years.

Our company has a motto: Don’t save on the client, and the client will not save on you. That’s why we only use high-quality, expensive cleaning agents while working. Each supplier is the market leader and has quality certificates.

Besides quality products and skills of our workers, no less important is the use of specialized cleaning appliances. We use powerful vacuums, extractors, dryers and other machines to ensure perfect results.

Curtains are known to gather only a little dirt on the surface compared to what’s going on the deepest pile. We make great efforts to clean your curtains down to the deepest fibers, thereby ensuring you a profound clean.

Together with the head of the company, our specialists are constantly improving their knowledge, skills and expertise. It allows us to go forward, grow and become the top curtain cleaning service.

We are the most human-friendly company. We try to build a lasting relationship with every customer and every employee. And that attitude comes back to us.

Health concerns: Upholstery can harbor bacteria, dust mites, and other allergens that can trigger asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Regular cleaning can help remove these harmful substances and improve the air quality in your home.

Pest prevention: Bugs and insects, such as bed bugs and fleas, can hide in upholstery and go unnoticed until it’s too late. Regular cleaning can help prevent infestations and keep your home free from pests.

Odor elimination: Over time, upholstery can absorb unpleasant odors from pets, smoke, and other sources. Professional cleaning can remove these odors and leave your furniture smelling fresh and clean.

Appearance: Regular cleaning can help preserve the appearance of your upholstery, keeping it looking new for longer. It can also help remove stains and spots that can make your furniture look dingy and dirty.

Overall, upholstery cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a clean and healthy home. It can help protect your family from harmful substances, prevent pest infestations, and keep your furniture looking and smelling fresh.

Stain removal

fast and efficient stain removal

5 step deep cleaning technology

our experienced team use high-quality equipment

Super Guarantee

we will remove new stains 14 days after cleaning

100% Natural Cleaning Products

$2,000,000 Liability Insurance

Friendly, Highly-Trained Team

10 Years Experience

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