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Commercial Window Cleaning

worker from NICK'S Window Cleaning cleaning the exterior of a commercial building

Dependable, Professional Window Cleaners

Our skilled technicians provide fast, dependable service and are capable of providing clean windows to a wide variety of low rise commercial properties.

Utilizing water fed pole technology we can reach windows heights of up to 12 meters (~40 feet). Allowing us to quickly and effectively clean your windows.

Our experience is vast, providing window cleaning for housing complexes, churches, condos, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and more.

Contact us today for a free estimate and discover why NICK’S Window Cleaning is one of Ontario’s fastest growing commercial window cleaning company.

*Low-rise commercial properties only*


NICK’S Window Cleaning works directly with each and every one of our clients to create fully customized and accommodating plans that work for your business.

When you call us for a free estimate, we’ll take into consideration all of your requirements, including your budget, and help come up with a plan that meets your needs. Rather than selling you a prepackaged plan that only meets some of your requirements, we want to create something that’s tailor made and, as a result, much better for you.

We are available six days a week and almost any time during the day.

That means we can provide you with the services you need almost any time that you’ll need them. That way, you can have your windows cleaned when it’s most convenient for you, not whenever they can show up. So whether it’s the weekend or early in the morning, our professional window cleaners can work around your schedule, rather than the other way around.

We take safety and responsibility extremely seriously.

All of our staff are trained in the safest ways to go about their work, and are given the equipment they need to do it quickly and safely. But we don’t stop there. All of our employees are fully insured and bonded to protect both you and us. With such a focus on safety, we can provide the best window washing services while respecting our clients and our staff.

scarborough office buildling after having it's windows cleaned

Low-Rise Window Cleaners

Commercial window cleaners NICK’S Window Cleaning provide you with a fast, effective, and affordable window maintenance plan that meets or exceeds your needs and expectations. We pride ourselves on our quality service and personalized plans, which can help you keep your business looking its absolute best.

Our workers are insured, well-trained, experienced, and friendly.

Not only are they all amazing at their jobs, they are sure to leave you happy and satisfied. We clean windows on a wide variety of low-rise properties; housing complexes, apartment buildings, churches, office buildings, and more. Contact us for details and we will provide you with fast, effective service.


Commercial Window Cleaning Benefits

Commercial window cleaning is important for businesses that operate brick and mortar shops or offices. Having dingy or dirty windows makes a bad first impression and can be a real turn off to customers. But most business owners don’t have time to be cleaning windows on their building often. Hiring a professional window cleaning crew is a great investment that will make your business more appealing.

Impress Your Customers

When customers or potential clients walk by your building they notice the condition of the building and how the windows look. If the windows are clean it is more inviting to customers and clients and it makes a much better first impression. Impressions count, especially when attracting customers or clients. Window cleaning may seem like an unimportant detail but all of those small details matter when customers or clients are assessing a business.

Boost Your Window Display Visibility

If you have window displays of merchandise keeping the windows cleaned will really make those displays stand out. If people can’t clearly see the products in the window they’re not going to come through the door to buy them. Clean and sparkling windows make window displays more appealing and attract customers. Hiring a professional window cleaner is the best way to make sure your windows look great. Professionals have commercial grade cleaners and the right equipment to get large windows clean and shining without leaving streaks or smudges. And commercial grade cleaners also will seal windows to repel dirt, fingerprints, and smudges.

Show Pride in Your Business

Clean windows don’t just attract customers and clients. Having clean windows shows that you take pride in your business and that you pay attention to the details. That’s why having clean windows all the time is so important for a brick and mortar business. The best way to keep your windows looking great is to get regular professional cleaning service. Professional cleaners will do the best job keeping your windows clean because they have experience and better quality products and tools. If keeping your windows clean and making your business look more inviting to customers is something that is important to you it’s worth the cost to hire a professional window cleaning service.

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