Apr, 2021

How to Clean Windows

After a long winter, windows can get soiled with mineral deposits, dust, dirt, and debris. The interior of windows will also accumulate dust and fingerprints of children or homeowners. What was once a clear pane of glass will begin to look weathered and dirty. Having a clear window to see […]



Oct, 2018

How Much Does Eavestrough Cleaning Cost

If you have been considering getting professional eaves cleaning done, rather than doing the cleaning yourself, you might be surprised at how affordable it can be to have experienced professionals take care of cleaning out your eavestroughs for you. Professional eavestrough cleaning once or twice a year can delay the […]



Mar, 2018

Celebrate Spring With Clean Windows

One of the best and most effective ways to get your house sparkling clean and ready for spring is to get your windows cleaned. Clean windows will make the inside of the house seem brighter because all that great spring sunlight will be able to stream through them. As the […]



Nov, 2017

Waterfed Pole for Commercial Window Cleaning

The appearance of a commercial property can have a dramatic impact on business operations. Window cleaning is one of the important steps that go into maintaining the appearance of a commercial structure. While commercial window cleaning is an important part of managing a commercial property, this necessity does have to […]



Oct, 2017

What is Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Anyway?

The days of cleaning windows using newspaper and vinegar solutions are long gone. These days technology is giving Toronto window cleaning pros amazing tools like a water fed pole to clean windows of any height safely and easily. Cleaning windows is usually a dangerous and time consuming job, and it […]



Sep, 2017

Why Hire A Pro to Install Your Christmas lights?

If you are like most people, you might enjoy the look of a house that has a full Christmas light display, but you probably do not look forward to all of the work that goes into installing the lights and maintaining the display. Hanging Christmas lights is hard work. You […]



Aug, 2017

Why Hire a Pro to Clean High-Rise Windows

When people think about window cleaning services, they might have the impression one service is the same as any other. This is not necessarily true. You have residential window cleaners, services that work on commercial buildings and you have high-rise window cleaners. In the window cleaning industry, you will find […]



Aug, 2017

History of the Bosun’s Chair

Working in high places comes with a lot of drawbacks. The most obvious drawback to working in a high place is that there is an element of danger. If something goes wrong, there is a chance for disaster. Aside from the danger, you also have the difficulties that come with […]



Jul, 2017

Cleaning Windows With A Squeegee – Tips From The Pros

First we’d like to introduce you to the squeegee. But, you can jump ahead to learn how to clean your window with a squeegee if you like. Nothing will give your home a quick spruce up like cleaning the windows. Cleaning both the outdoor and indoor windows will make your […]



Jun, 2017

Why Does Newspaper Clean Windows?

Most people grew up using newspaper to clean windows. Conventional wisdom said that the best way to clean windows around the house was to use vinegar and newspaper. But does that really work? Or is using newspaper to clean windows just an old myth that people kept repeating? In our […]

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