Commercial Window Cleaning in Brampton


Professional, Dependable Service

Able to reach heights of up to 27 storeys, our team of skilled and trained technicians provide dependable Brampton commercial window cleaning services to all properties. Whether you have an office, church, retail space, or other commercial property.

A clean and sharp appearance is easy with our window cleaning services. Ensuring you give the best first impression is incredibly important, whether you need a condominium or office building cleaned. Our friendly uniformed workers will clean your windows and make your space look great.

*Max working height is 27 stories*


We work directly with you to ensure your needs are met by creating customized window cleaning plans that fit your specific business needs. Brampton commercial window cleaning projects vary based upon the frequency of cleanings and what time of day works optimally for your business. Rather than selling you an inflexible prepackaged plan, we will work with you to create a custom solution for your window washing needs.

At a time that suits you, we work to clean your windows. You will not have to deal with a crew showing up at the wrong time. Therefore, whether it is early in the morning, or on a weekend day, our professional Brampton commercial window cleaners will be there to take care of cleaning your windows at a time that is ideal for you.

Our top-priority is to maintain a safe and productive work environment. That begins with safety training for all of our workers, not only are they safety trained, but they are very good at what they do. Our workers will clean your windows quickly and efficiently. From churches to office buildings, we provide your Brampton business with interior commercial window cleaning.

markham office building after having been cleaned by professional window cleaners, sparkling windows are plainly visible
markham condo with clean windows after having commercial window cleaning service

Brampton Condo & Office Window Cleaning

Brampton storefront window cleaning is an easy task for our window cleaners. Our fast, effective workers make short work of any window washing hurdles your dirty windows may throw our way, and will leave behind only sparkling cleanliness. Often we are able to give you an estimate within 12-24 hours. Contact us today and discover why commercial property managers are selecting NICK’S Window Cleaning for their commercial window cleaning Brampton needs.


3 Reasons You Should Hire Professional Brampton Commercial Window Cleaners

Commercial window cleaning may seem rudimentary to those who are not versed in the work. It requires skill and experience to effectively and efficiently clean a building. Some employers may simply hand their employees a bucket of water and a rag, expecting them to make their property look presentable. Not only will this not solve the problem of dirty windows, but also it may end up making their windows look even worse. Here are three great reasons why you should always depend on the services of a professional when it comes to commercial window cleaning.

Wow Customers & Clients

Having a well-kept property is one of the most important aspects of impressing your potential clients. When you consider all of the properties a person might visit, the only place that they might consider dirty or dingy acceptable is an auto mechanic. Even then, in high-end automotive mechanic shops you will find they keep their work place looking great. Clean windows is one of those things that go unnoticed when it’s done right, but when your windows look dirty everyone is going to notice.

Take Pride in Your Workplace

Taking pride in your workplace is incredibly important. If you are like most people, you spend the majority of your time at your place of business. Keeping your store or business looking great is not only good for customers, it going to keep you happier as well. After all, no one likes to work in a messy environment. Not only is clutter difficult to work around, but dirty grimy windows is unsightly and a subconscious irritant to most people. Not many people are acutely aware of how dirty their windows are if they have slowly watched them get dirty over the course of months. All it takes is one good cleaning bring back the clarity for you and your co-workers.

Increase Visibility

Not only is cleaning your windows going to make you and your customers feel better. It is going to allow people to see into your business much more easily. If you have a storefront property, are people able to see into your shop? If not, your shop will not look very inviting! It will look like a closed-door private club for “those who know” and you will miss valuable walk-by store traffic. Do not miss potential business; get your windows cleaned by professional Brampton commercial window cleaners today!

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