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Cleaning Windows With A Squeegee — Tips From The Pros (2024 update)

Posted: 05/2/24 - Blog

First we’d like to introduce you to the squeegee. But, you can jump ahead to learn how to clean your window with a squeegee if you like.

Nothing will give your home a quick spruce up like cleaning the windows. Cleaning both the outdoor and indoor windows will make your home shine and make the interior of your home bright and inviting.

If you’re hosting family parties or if you often have guests you should be cleaning the windows regularly or having them cleaned.

What Not To Use

Paper Towels? No Thanks. Paper towels are expensive, wasteful, and often leave a streaky mess.

Rags? Too messy and they leave streaks. And then you have to wash dirty rags when you’re done. Some even have rough fibers that can end up scratching or pitting the glass in the windows.

Newspaper? Newspaper can work pretty well, sometimes. But not too many people have newspapers around anymore. Also, newspaper can leave ink stains on the window frame that are difficult to remove.

What You Should Use

A squeegee! There’s no doubt that using a squeegee is the best way to clean windows.

squeegee ready for cleaning windows

Using a squeegee for indoor windows is a fast and effective method to clean windows. These handy tools make it easy to reach up to the top of the window and you can clean the whole window quickly instead of working in sections. They are a lot less messy than other methods as well.

There’s a trick to getting a streak free clean window when using a squeegee. You have to use the right technique in order to make sure that the water or cleaning fluid is removed in one smooth stroke or you will end up getting streaks.

The Squeegee — The Professional’s Window Cleaning Tool

eople have been using the squeegee to clean windows for almost 100 years. First developed as a tool for professional window cleaners. This happened when people started building skyscrapers and tall apartment buildings.

The window cleaners who cleaned such buildings needed a quick way to clean the windows. A smart inventor adapted his squeegee idea from a machine used to clean floors and streets in big cities. This is where the squeegee came from.

The long handle made it easy to reach high windows. The heavy rubber blade removed dirt and grime very easily. Efficient window cleaning was finally achieved!

Now, let’s talk a little bit about how to use one.

How Do You Use A Squeegee?

First, you need a few supplies.

Window cleaning supplies:

  • Bucket or spray bottle of soapy water (a good window cleaning solution to make is a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with water)
  • Squeegee
  • Lint-free microfiber cloth
  • Scrubber or window mop (sometimes on other side of squeegee, sometimes separate)
  • Extension pole (for hard to reach windows)
  • Glass scraper (razor blade scrapers are available from most hardware stores)

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Use your scrubber to wet the surface thoroughly, either dip it in the bucket and brush off some excess water or spray down the surface and your scrubber.
  2. Use your scraper to remove any stickers or other grime buildups. Apply more solution to the window after you are finished scraping.
  3. Use your squeegee to remove the water from the surface. There are two different ways to do this:
  4. Beginner method. Using your squeegee, start from the top of the glass and go directly down to the bottom. Start again at the top but move the squeegee over slightly, so that the next path slightly overlaps the last path you took. Repeat until you’ve removed all water from the glass.
  5. Advanced method. Use the fanning technique described lower on the page to remove the water.
  6. Collect the water that drips off at the bottom of the glass using your scrubber/mop.
  7. Use your microfiber cloth to remove water build up near the corners, window sill, or side of the window.
  8. That’s it, you’re done!

Fanning, Professional Squeegee Method

The most commonly used window cleaning method by professionals is fanning.

Fanning involves using the squeegee to perform a series of short strokes in several different directions. This moves the cleaning solution, keeping it from getting under the blade of the squeegee. If water or cleaning solution gets under the blade of the squeegee it can be smeared across the window. That will cause streaks.

Professional window cleaners have been using the fanning method for decades. It cleans difficult to clean windows that have layers of dirt, dust, and debris on them. With a pro cleaning solution and a pro squeegee, this method cleans windows fast.

But you can also use this method with your own squeegee with regular glass cleaner. It will make sure that your interior windows are sparkling clean. If you move the squeegee quickly and evenly, without moving the blade, you will still get beautifully clean interior windows.

Interior windows are easier to clean because they don’t have dust, debris, pollen and other grime sticking to them. Streaks are usually the biggest problem that people have when cleaning interior windows.

Here’s a video showcasing fantastic fanning technique:

Read on for additional cleaning tips.

Is Windex A Good Glass Cleaner?

In some applications Windex is the way to go. But for most professionals they use a much simpler window cleaning solution. We recommend you skip the windex and instead use a pro mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. A few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water is usually all you’ll need to clean most windows.

How Do You Use a Glass Scraper?

A glass scraper is a very useful tool. It can easily remove stickers, paint, and other stuck on grime. Combined with the pro cleaning solution we mentioned you have just about everything you need to clean windows.

The best way to use a scraper is to align it on a 45 degree angle with the glass. Place the blade on the glass and press forward, then left the blade and press forward again. You will not scratch the glass if you only use it in a forward motion.

Take a look at this video for an excellent example. This technique applies to smaller glass scrapers as well.

Do You Need Extra Squeegee Blades?

For the average diy homeowner extra squeegee blades are likely not necessary. Do you own a high-quality squeegee? If so, you find your blades are not performing as they used to you can probably buy replacements. You can find this at your local window cleaning supplier or hardware store. Here’s a really good video talking about swapping them.

Don’t Feel Like DIY? Call A Pro

These days professional window cleaners still use squeegees. These tools make cleaning indoor windows easy. But they are also the best tool to use to clean outdoor windows.

If you’re interested in getting outside windows that sparkle it’s a good idea to hire a professional window cleaning service.

Professional window technicians use high-quality window cleaning solution and equipment. Also, unique double bladed squeegees that allow them to clean off layers of dust and debris quickly.

Avoid Dangers

Cleaning outside windows also can be dangerous for homeowners that don’t have the right equipment to reach second or third story windows. Or homeowners that aren’t used to working on a ladder for an extended period of time. Window washing requires a bit of physical effort, even with a squeegee.

It’s a good idea to let professional window cleaners experienced with working at heights clean your outside windows. That way you can stay safe but still get the shining clean windows that will make your house look great.

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