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What is Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning Anyway?

Posted: 01/1/24 - Category: Windows

The days of cleaning windows using newspaper and vinegar solutions are long gone. These days technology is giving Toronto window cleaning pros amazing tools like a water fed pole to clean windows of any height safely and easily.

Cleaning windows is usually a dangerous and time consuming job, and it is why we recommend homeowners avoid the dangers of this work. But professional window cleaners have an advantage now thanks to the development of a water fed pole cleaning system for windows.

Water fed pole window cleaning is the latest technological advancement in window cleaning and it’s changing the industry forever. Water fed pole cleaning makes it easier to clean exterior windows and gives homeowners a better clean. Using this method makes cleaning windows less expensive, easier, safer, and faster.

What Is A Water Fed Pole System?

The water fed pole cleaning system utilizes cutting edge technology. A water fed pole is a long extendable pole with a brush head. Inside the pole a pump system dispenses purified water on demand. The water and the brush are all that are needed to clean dust, dirt, leaves, pollen and other things from exterior windows. Then the windows are left to naturally dry. That’s all there is to it. It is a revolutionary way to clean hard to reach windows, skylights and roof lights.

What Are The Benefits?

There a lot of benefits to using a water fed pole system to clean exterior windows. The biggest benefits are:

Extended reach: Some newer homes have a lot of windows that can be difficult to reach. Have you ever tried to wash that huge window in the entryway that opens to the second story? Or tried to wash that skylights in the master bathroom? It probably has seemed like those decorative windows are just not able to be cleaned. But they are able to be cleaned with the right tool.

Skylights, second story picture windows, and other windows that used to be difficult or impossible to reach are easy to clean with a water fed pole. The pole can be extended up to 70 feet high. The water fed pole can even clean windows on small commercial buildings quickly and easily without the need for a crane, scaffolding, or ladders.

No ladders: Finally window cleaning doesn’t have to be life threatening. Homeowners or professional cleaners don’t need to climb up on treacherous ladders trying to reach high windows to clean them. No more balancing buckets, squeegees and supplies while trying to keep from falling. And no need to purchase expensive extension ladders to reach the windows on the second or third floors.

Clean windows & more: The water fed pole system has a unique brush that will clean more than just windows. The brush also removes dirt and debris from window frames and the area around the windows which keeps the house cleaner and helps keep the window frames and structure in good shape.

By rinsing the dirt off of the window frame the water fed pole also keeps the windows clean for longer because once that dirt is gone it won’t end up making the window dirty later on. Cleaning off the entire area around the window helps freshly washed windows stay clean.

A water fed pole can be used to safely clean fascia, gingerbread, and other home accents that are difficult to reach and difficult to clean. Regularly cleaning these home accents will keep the paint looking great or the metallic finish glowing. These decorating elements need protection from dirt and wear and tear just like the rest of the home. But because they can be hard to reach most people don’t clean them as often as they should. Now you can easily get them professionally cleaned with a water fed pole.  Water fed poles can also be used safely to clean home solar panels.

No detergent: Because the water fed pole uses just pure water there’s no detergent to rinse away. That’s better for you and better for the environment. You may be wondering how the water fed pole gets the windows clean if there’s no detergent.

The water fed pole using pure water with a special bristled head that loosens the dirt. The water rinses it away and the windows dry naturally in the air and the sun. The force of the water and the unique style of the brush are enough to scrub even the most stubborn dirt and debris so that the window can be cleaned without harsh chemicals or detergents.

The Difference Is Pure Water

What makes the water fed pole so effective even without detergent is that only purified water is used to clean the windows. The water is run through a reverse osmosis filter to get rid of all minerals and contaminants. So once the water washes off the dirt there’s no need for detergent. The water is pure so it won’t leave behind any kind of water streaks, residue, or mineral deposits. Even though the windows are not dried with a sponge or chamois they dry quickly and are streak free because the water fed pole uses only purified water.

Regular Window Cleaning

Professional cleaners that use a water fed pole to clean windows make the routine task of cleaning windows easy and inexpensive for homeowners. No more safety concerns about tall ladders. No more worried about the impact of harsh detergents on the environment. No more streaky or dirty windows. And no more long frustrating weekends spent scrubbing exterior windows during your limited time off.

How long has it been since the windows on your home were cleaned? If it’s been more than a couple months call a professional cleaner that uses a water fed pole system today. Get your windows sparkling clean quickly and easily so that your house will look great and stay in great shape.

Call for an estimate or to get more information about the benefits of water fed pole window cleaning ad how it can help keep your home looking great for less.