woman spring cleaning her home

Spring Cleaning Starts Now!

Posted: 01/30/24 - Category: Home

It’s time for spring cleaning and if you’re like most people you’re itching to start a deep clean of your home. But why do people go through this deep cleaning ritual every year? Where did the urge to thoroughly clean homes once a year, and always in the spring, come from? Like many home-related traditions, the answer goes back to the past.

In the past homes were heated with fireplaces. Many older homes still have a fireplace in each room, even though often they are no longer used. But using a fireplace for heat through the winter meant that most people would shut up their homes tightly all winter to keep the heat inside the house. That led to the house eventually getting very close and the air not very fresh after months of relying on fireplace and stove heat. And the smoke from the fireplaces would deposit a layer of grime and soot all over the rooms covering the floors, furniture, and even the walls.

When the weather becomes warmer again in the spring and the heat from the fireplaces wasn’t needed every day any more people would throw open the windows to get fresh air and sunshine in the house. And they would deep clean the home to get rid of all that grime and soot that had accumulated all winter. Spring cleaning was an annual event that was necessary to keep the home clean and fresh and to make sure that it was a healthy environment for the people that lived there.

These days most homes have central heat so spring cleaning is more of a habit than a necessity. But for many people, the annual spring cleaning ritual is a way to mark the changing of the season and make sure that the house is deep cleaned once a year.

Even though people do clean their homes all year there are a lot of big chores and big cleaning jobs that they typically only do once a year in the spring. Some of those bigger cleaning jobs that only happen in the spring are things like:

Power Washing

Power washing is an easy and affordable way to get some deep cleaning done in your home. Pressure washing can be done almost anywhere on the outside of the home and it gets rid of the dirt and grime that has built up on the siding and the roof of the home throughout the year.

When you pressure wash the siding of the home it will make your home look like it’s just had a fresh paint job. And when a home is power washed it doesn’t just get rid of the dirt that is on the siding of the home it also gets rid of any mould, pollen, or bacteria that could have collected on the siding and the roof as a result of hot weather and storms.

If you have noticed that your home has blue-green, gray or black streaks on it that’s algae, and it can damage your roof if it’s not cleaned properly. Power washing will blast all that algae off the roof and ensure that your roof is clean. The same thing goes for the siding. Mould and bacteria from the mulch around the house, trees and plants can attach to the house and grow, especially during the hot weather.

It’s not really possible to scrub the sides of the house but power washing will knock all that toxic mould and bacteria off the siding to protect your home and make sure it’s safe. Power washing also should be done on the driveway and sidewalks around the home because dirt and bacteria can get crusted on them throughout the year.

Pressure washing the driveway and sidewalks will also get rid of the rock salt and deicer that needs to be used throughout the winter.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning needs to be done at least once a year and doing it in the spring means that you won’t have to worry about it again. Over the fall and winter, snow and rain can build up in the eavestroughs and damage your gutters. It can also end up leaking into the house and causing damage. A thorough eavestrough cleaning will get rid of any leaves or debris in the gutters as well as the moisture that has built up in there. And if there are pests or rodents that have taken up residence in there cleaning the gutters out will get rid of them so that you won’t end up with pest or rodent problems.

Window Washing

Another big cleaning job that should be done as part of a spring cleaning is getting the exterior windows washed. During the winter dirt and debris can make the windows grimy and hard to see through. A professional window cleaning will get rid of all that dirt and debris so that it doesn’t scratch or chip the glass or damage the window frame. And sparkling clean windows will let in all that great spring sunshine so that the house feels open and airy instead of dirty and closed.

A professional window cleaner will also inspect the seals on the windows, the window frames and the glass for damage. If your windows have gotten damaged during the winter you will want to get them repaired before they become a big expensive emergency project that you have to fix. New windows are very expensive but a professional window cleaner can tell you about any damage to the window or the area around the window before it gets really bad so that you can have it fixed.

And getting the exterior windows professionally cleaned if you have a home that is more than one story is a fantastic way to make sure that you can stay safe while the windows get cleaned. Most homeowners don’t have the experience or training or equipment to safely clean very high windows. When it comes to some spring cleaning tasks, especially ones on the exterior of your home, it’s much smarter to hire a professional to do those while you focus on spring cleaning inside.