commercial window cleaner working on cleaning windows with a waterfed pole system

Waterfed Pole for Commercial Window Cleaning

Posted: 12/2/23 - Category: Windows

The appearance of a commercial property can have a dramatic impact on business operations. Window cleaning is one of the important steps that go into maintaining the appearance of a commercial structure. While commercial window cleaning is an important part of managing a commercial property, this necessity does have to be balanced against other concerns. Along with keeping the windows clean, you also have to consider factors like the cost and the safety of employees that may clean the windows.

One technology that is designed to provide superior cleaning while also improving safety and lowering costs is waterfed pole window cleaning. In this post, we are going to explain how the waterfed pole systems work and some of the advantages that make this a good solution for commercial window cleaning services.

How it works

A waterfed pole system works by pumping purified water up a long telescoping pole that has a brush at the end. The window is cleaned by a brush at the end of the pole with the purified water. That means no soaps or cleaning agents.

The key to the waterfed pole system is the purified water. When water has zero Total Dissolved Sediments, it will naturally absorb dirt and other impurities. The brush at the end of the pole agitates the dirt and other forms of grime on the window, and the purified water absorbs these impurities and removes them from the surface. After that, the window is rinsed clean.

In this system, it is important to use water that is completely free from dirt, minerals and other types of sediment. Regular tap water would not work because of the mineral content. Without soaps and other agents, tap water would leave a milky residue on the windows. To ensure access to purified water, window cleaners will need some type of purification system. Most systems will use something like deionization resin or charcoal to filter the water.

The Benefits of Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning

Waterfed pole systems offer several benefits to both professional window cleaners and the commercial property owners that hire them. The following are some of the benefits that come with waterfed pole window cleaning.

Better Results

One of the top benefits is that the waterfed pole systems provide a better finish. The pure water gets the windows cleaner than is possible with traditional systems for cleaning windows, and at the end, you have glass that looks flawlessly clean. Without detergents, you don’t have any film, streaks or spots that are left behind.


Waterfed poles can reach windows that in excess of 70 ft. from the ground. With the operator working from the ground level, the job is safer. This is a benefit for the window cleaner because there is a reduced risk of injury, and it benefits the commercial property owner because it means that there is less of a chance that an injury could occur on the property.

Eco Friendly

The waterfed pole system is also better for the environment. When water is the sole cleaning agent, you have a cleaning process that is safer for the environment. With no soaps or detergents, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals washing off the windows and running into the groundwater.

Better Access

In some commercial settings, there might not be any ladder access or room for lift. In these situations, the only way to reach the windows is with some type of extension pole. A waterfed pole system can be the perfect solution for areas that are inaccessible to things like ladders and booms.

Saves Time

Another benefit to waterfed pole systems is that they offer convenience. At many commercial properties, all of the windows can be covered by the waterfed pole system. This means that you do not have to pull out ladders or work from lift equipment that takes time to set up. For most applications, a waterfed pole system can cut the cleaning time in half.

Saves Money

Property owners can also save money when they use waterfed pole window cleaning. When the window cleaners do not have to use expensive equipment like a boom or lift, it cuts the cost of the project. Since the window cleaners can avoid working at the height of the window, it also limits the potential need for hazard pay. Along with that, the reduction in cleaning time cuts down on the number of man-hours that go into the job. All of these savings can be passed on to the client.

What are the disadvantages?

For the most part, waterfed pole systems are all upside. Most professional window cleaners feel that they offer better results with less effort, and any company that owns this type of equipment is going to try to use it whenever they can. While the waterfed pole systems are good, there are some situations where they might not be the best option.

One of the main issues is that there are some situations where pure water is not going to be a sufficient cleaning agent. If the window has an oily residue, the water is just going to spread the oil. You also have situations where there is some type of stain or caked on grime that needs special attention. Water is good at removing most soiling that would be common on windows, but there are still some jobs where the cleaner is going to need to get up close with the window.

You may also find some architectural issues that might cause a problem for waterfed pole window cleaning. Of course, height is one issue. If the building is too tall for the poles, the window cleaners are going to need to find another way to access the higher windows. Furthermore, things like outcroppings and overhangs can obstruct the pole, and this may limit its use in some situations.

The waterfed pole systems offer some of the best cleaning solutions for commercial windows. With this technology, you get a better shine and it also improves safety while lowering the cost. While it is possible for a property owner to buy one of these systems for their own use, the equipment does require some training and it does take time for a professional to master the safe use of a waterfed pole system.