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Why Hire Someone to Put Up Christmas Lights?

Posted: 11/30/21 - Category: Holiday Lighting

With the first snowfall of the season, the desire to put up warm and colorful Christmas lights is sure to spark the holiday spirit and inspiration in many of us.

There’s something magical about seeing those holiday lights brighten up the night that makes the growing darkness a bit more bearable as the winter season begins to settle in but not all of us are decoration enthusiasts and the idea of putting up lights feels more like a chore than a joy.

For those who are eager to climb onto the roof and do their own lighting installation, this might not be terribly interesting to you but for those of you who were nodding in agreement about it being a chore, this one’s for you.

It would be great if we could all just wave a magic wand and the christmas lights would hang themselves, unfortunately, that’s not an option. However, the next best thing is to find someone else who not only has the time for such a task, but is especially equipped to do it safely and in a timely manner!

Hiring someone to hang Christmas lights for you might be the best gift you give yourself this holiday season. Not everyone needs to be a DIY specialist in order to get into the holiday spirit and you shouldn’t be restricted to enjoying Christmas lights and having a beautiful holiday display by limited time, limited mobility, or know-how.

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Why Hire Someone for Your Holiday Lighting?

There are several reasons why someone might want to hire a professional to do their lights including, but not limited to:

  • The lack of time
  • The lack of tools
  • Having physical limitations
  • Concerns for safety
  • Not having professional christmas lights

It might just be a matter of not having the time, the ladders or the creative inspiration to make a beautiful display, but whatever your reason, there are professional installers that can help.

Holiday Lighting Installation Sends Many People to Emergency Department

It might seem like an indulgence but the reality is that every season, the emergency rooms around the country experience an influx of people who’ve been injured in the attempt to decorate and some of these injuries even lead to fatalities. These numerous accidents have led to the creation of professional services offering to safely do the work for you.

Who Doesn’t Want a Professional Christmas Light Install?

The company you go with is going to have a team of skilled professionals who will have the safety harnesses, training and experience needed to make sure the installation runs smoothly and efficiently, and of course, they are going to have insurance to cover any potential accidents that could happen. An additional reason to hire someone to do your Christmas light installation is that they’re going to treat your home with care and respect.

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If You Want Beautiful Lights This Holiday Season, Can You Really DIY This?

It’s easy to try and hastily put up your lights, haphazardly attaching them to places, but it takes time and consideration to make sure everything not only looks beautiful, but doesn’t damage your property, doesn’t flash lights into your neighbour’s bedroom and isn’t a safety hazard.

Instead of spending your precious off hours scaling your house in the cold, hiring a pro allows you the time to do other things whether it’s spending time with family, pursuing a hobby or working, having someone else handle the stress of holiday decorating will save you plenty of time!

Call before the Holiday Season

The winter season is rolling in on a cold front and pretty soon it’ll be December and you might be asking yourself, when you should call. It’s best to make these calls before the rush begins as places will quickly book up, so it’s a good idea to make the call a few weeks, or even a month, ahead to ensure you can get your installation scheduled according to your timeline.

That being said, just because it might be crunch time doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a call anyway! Cancellations do happen, and making sure you get your lights up is top priority for these professionals, so even if it seems like it might be too late, chances are they’ll be able to send out a team to get your holiday lights out, so no need to worry.

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What can you Expect from your Christmas Light Installation?

Before you’re ready to make that call, you might be wondering just how it all works. It’s unlikely that whatever company you go with will show up in full elf uniforms, but there are some things you can expect to see across the board and what services each company offers can help you make your decision of who to go with to best meet your holiday needs.

The services offered vary between the different businesses but there are some things you can expect to see being offered such as:

  1. Design layout: Most companies will have a catalogue of different design layouts that you can choose from, depending on what kind of space is available and what type of roof lines they have to work with. At the same time, if you have ideas of your own, they can offer expert advice to help achieve your perfect Christmas light display.
  2. Christmas lights: This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of going with a professional installation team. You don’t have to invest hundreds, even thousands, of dollars into buying your own christmas lights, decorations, timers, and extension cords, not to mention that you won’t have to store the numerous outdoor Christmas lights eleven months out of the year! For those of you who might already have your own Christmas lights you want to use, there are companies that will gladly use your decorations to meet your festive needs. A combination of your own lights and their decorations is also an option too!
  3. Installation: Some companies will only offer to install your own personal lights, while others that provide their own commercial grade lights will not only provide holiday lighting installation, but they will come back at the end of the season and handle the take down for you too.
  4. Maintenance: What happens if some of the lights go out? Not a problem! They’ll come over and take care of any repairs necessary, hassle free! A lot of the best companies will offer maintenance throughout the season and will be available to handle any surprises Mother Nature might throw.

The types of lights offered can vary, with the best places offering a wide variety of LED Christmas lights that are professional grade lights perfect for decorating roofs, trees, yards, and fences. Some will even have yard decorations and most will use energy efficient bulbs.

There will be a whole slew of options for lighting, including string lights and different settings and they will place all your lights on convenient timers so that your home is lit up at the most opportune times!

Christmas Lighting Professionals Also Service the Commercial Sector

They also don’t just offer this service to homeowners, but business owners as well. If you’re a business owner who wants to decorate your store front, it’s a great idea to outsource this work. Instead of having your employees spend valuable time decorating, or taking on the risk yourself, support your fellow business owners by having them do your Christmas lighting installation for you.

Without the colorful leaves on trees and lush green plants, most yards look pretty drab in the winter time, but with a professional service, they can transfer any sparse looking yard into a winter wonderland.

a tree illluminated by LED christmas light

Why use LED Christmas Lights?

Some things you may not have known about LED lights is that they are going to last significantly longer than traditional outdoor Christmas lights. The usual lifespan of a traditional incandescent bulb is roughly 1,200 hours but with an LED light? You’re looking at 50,000 hours of light, not to mention that LED lights are 5-6 times brighter than other holiday lights.

On top of brighter and longer lasting bulbs, your cost to power all those bulbs is going to be a huge difference. With LED lights using up to 97% less electricity, you will get 15 days per dollar versus the 15 hours you get from incandescent bulbs.

Whether you’re a holiday enthusiast who wants to light up their house like it’s the center of Whoville, or you want a moderate light display, going with LED is definitely worth the savings and will provide the perfect Christmas lighting sure to brighten up the cold nights.

Where can you find a Christmas light installer?

So where are these professional Christmas elves you might ask? There are dozens of Christmas light installers in the GTA area and it might surprise you that these services are offered by a variety of companies including window cleaning service providers!

There may be a few companies whose entire focus is on holiday decorating but the majority can be found through looking at various landscaping and maintenance service providers and what kind of winter services they offer.

a modern Toronto home lit up after christmas lighting install

Let’s Talk Holiday Light Installation Cost

There’s definitely a lot of benefits to going with hiring someone to put up your holiday lights but what can you expect to actually pay for this convenient holiday installation?

A few things to keep in mind is that the prices vary between places and the different services they offer. Some places will include a lot more than just the five services listed above including free warehouse storage for your lights during the off season.

The Cost Can Vary Significantly

Prices can range from $1000 to $2500, all depending on the size of your property, the number of lights needed and how long it all takes to set up and take down.

You can expect the costs to be broken down by the number of labor hours, the rental fee per linear foot of lights, the type of lights, and the size of property you’re wanting to decorate.

Each home is unique and your design team is going to want to consult with you to make sure your every need is met and that the price you pay is a fair and competitive rate.

Have Questions? Just Reach Out

It’s easy to get stuck in that infinite loop of researching and comparing the cost of decorations, constantly searching for the best deal and end up wasting weeks that your lights could have been up. Save yourself the stress and time and reach out to a professional light installer to get a quote.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when asking yourself whether or not you should hire someone to hang your holiday lights this year.

With all the stress that unfortunately so often accompanies this time of year, hiring a professional will take the hassle out of hanging lights and you can rest assured knowing that your lights go up in a timely manner. Why not sit back, enjoy a hot cup of tea and watch someone else take care of the decorating for once?