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Celebrate Spring With Clean Windows

Posted: 03/15/18 5:24 PM - Category: Windows

One of the best and most effective ways to get your house sparkling clean and ready for spring is to get your windows cleaned. Clean windows will make the inside of the house seem brighter because all that great spring sunlight will be able to stream through them. As the days get longer, the additional sunlight will help you and your family adjust to the change of seasons and enjoy your home that much more. Cleaning your windows also is practical because when your windows get cleaned you will be able to see if there are any chips, cracks or defects in the glass or window frames that need to be fixed. Fixing some scratched or chipped glass now can save you thousands of dollars later on when you don’t need to replace damaged windows.

Entertaining Is Better With Clean Windows

Are you always the host for your family’s Easter celebration? Getting the windows on your home cleaned before your family and friends come over for Easter dinner, egg hunts and other festivities will make your home look fantastic and impress your loved ones. They also will enjoy spending time in your home much more when the clean windows are letting in all that gorgeous bright spring sunlight. Clean windows are a great way to make your home more inviting and open to guests.

Clean windows also make it easier for you and your guests to see what’s going on outside. So if the children are playing in the yard or hunting for eggs or if the pets and kids are out playing you and their parents will be able to keep watch over them better if the windows are clean. Even if your house has great sight lines if the windows are filthy it won’t matter because you and your guests won’t be able to see the kids outside.

If you do a lot of spring entertaining for Easter or just for dinner parties and other gatherings you should get your windows professionally cleaned now to make your home more attractive and more functional.

Summer Is Coming

Another reason why you should get your windows cleaned is that summer will be here before you know it. And during the summer you want to have clean and sparkling windows that will let in all that warm summer sun. During the summer it’s important to soak up as much healthy sunlight as possible and it’s very difficult for you and your family to do that if your home has dirty, dingy or damaged windows.

Summer is also prime time for family gatherings and you should do what you can now to make sure that your house looks great before you have people over for picnics, barbecues, birthday parties, graduation parties, and other events. Getting the siding of your house power washed and getting the windows professionally cleaned will ensure that your home looks great and is party ready. Both the inside and the outside of your house should look fantastic before the summer party season starts and professional window cleaning can make that happen.

Working At Home Is Healthier

If you or your spouse works at home you know that it can be tough spending the day in a small extra bedroom or bonus space that doesn’t have a lot of light. When you get the windows cleaned by professionals you will see a big difference in the amount of light that is able to get through the windows in the home, even your home office windows. You will be a lot more cheerful and your focus and concentration will be better if the office windows are sparkling clean and you can enjoy all that healthy sunlight all day.

It’s Time To Clean The Windows

When was the last time you had the windows of your home cleaned? If it’s been awhile you should stop putting it off and get your windows cleaned. Spring cleaning is the best time of the year to get those big cleaning jobs done and if you have not had the windows cleaned in a year or more a professional cleaning will make your windows like new again.

A trained and experienced window cleaner will do more than just clean the glass. A professional window cleaner will examine the glass in each window very closely to make sure it’s not damaged. Even the second or third story windows. And if you haven’t had the windows cleaned in awhile there could be etching, pitting, or other damage to the glass that you can’t see. A window cleaner has the right equipment and experience to look at each window very closely and see if there is any damage. They will let you know about any damages that need to be fixed so that you can take care of the problem before it becomes a major repair and a major expense.

Professional window cleaners will also check more than the glass. They will examine the window frame to see if the frame has been damaged by storms, animals, or debris. A professional also will make sure that the seal on the window is strong and that the overall window is in good shape. And they can check the roof and siding near the upper story windows to make sure that there’s no peeling, cracking, loose shingles or damage to the house as a result of winter storms or weather and exposure.

Getting your windows cleaned will immediately make your windows look better, which will make your home look better, and that will make you look better to the people in the neighbourhood and to your family and friends. It will also protect your home and your windows from the damage that comes along with weather changes and seasonal weather.

And when you have a professional clean your windows you can stay safely on the ground while your windows get cleaned, which is a huge bonus considering that thousands of homeowners every year have to go to emergency as a result of trying to clean windows themselves.

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