Why Hire a Professional Power Washing Service?

Posted: 07/5/17 12:11 AM - Category: Power Washing

Power washing can be great for cleaning many of the exterior parts of your property. You can power wash a deck, fences, walkways, driveways, your roof, vinyl siding and a whole lot more. While there may be other ways that you could get these things clean, high-pressure washing can provide great results, and it does the job in a fraction of the time.

If you have looked around your property and noticed a few things that could benefit from power washing, you might be thinking of renting a machine and doing it yourself. Any person can rent a pressure washer, and the job seems simple enough.

What you might not realize is that with power washing, there is a lot that can go wrong. Any professional power washing service in Toronto can tell you that it doesn’t take much of a mistake for one of these machines to cause some serious damage. For most homeowners, it is just not worth the risk, and there are several benefits to leaving this job to the pros.

Protect Your Personal Safety

More often than not, using a pressure washer does not result in an injury. That being said, there is always the potential for serious injuries, and thousands of people suffer injuries from careless power washing every year. It does not take much of a mistake for injury to occur; just a few seconds of inattention, and you could suffer an injury that requires medical attention.

If the spray comes into contact with skin, it can cause a laceration in an instant. Under this pressure, the water can penetrate deep into the tissue and this can result in an infection that is deep below the surface. You could also suffer puncture wounds, deep bruising and serious eye injuries. The spray can be so powerful that it could even cut right through your shoe and damage your foot.

These injuries could happen to anybody, but if you are inexperienced with this type of equipment, the risk is greater. Power washing professionals have experience and they follow certain practices to prevent injuries. They also have safety equipment that can help to protect against situations where the spray is misdirected.

Prevent Damage

When it comes to power washing, it is the high pressure that helps to provide the great cleaning results. On the other side, it is this high pressure that also creates a risk for damaging the surface that is being cleaned. As an example, you might be power washing a wood deck. If the machine is used incorrectly, the spray could blast right through the grime and wear away some of the wood.

Handling a pressure washer is a skill. A power washing technician is going to have experience and training that helps them to know the right amount of pressure and the right technique for different cleaning tasks. Without this knowhow and experience, you could end up stripping away some of the surface. The damage might be expensive to repair, and if left unrepaired, the surface could be at an increased risk for weathering in the harsh outdoor conditions.

Another point to consider is that a professional service will have insurance. Even these professionals can make mistakes. One important difference is that if a professional damages your property with a pressure washer, the repairs will be covered by their insurance, but it is very unlikely that your homeowner’s insurance will cover damage that you cause with a pressure washer.

Better Results

Even if you can use a pressure washer safely and avoid damage, it is unlikely that you will be able to achieve results that can compete with a professional power washing service. As I mentioned before, these professionals have skills and experience that don’t come with the rental. In other words, you will basically be learning this skill on your own home.

A skilled professional will know the right amount of pressure to use depending on the surface, the type of soiling and the degree to which the surface is soiled. They will also apply various techniques that will help them to get the surface clean while also preventing damage. In addition to that, they might have different detergents and cleaning agents that they can use to improve the results.

A professional power washer is also going to have better equipment than you would find for rent at a hardware store. Most hardware stores rent out low quality equipment. As a professional that makes their living from this trade, it is important to have the best gear and accessories that can help to enhance the results. With the combination of experience, skills and better equipment, it is a safe bet to say that a professional power washer is going to provide better results than you could obtain on your own.

Limit Environmental Impact

Most people do not even think about the environmental impact that pressure washing can have. To start, it can use a lot of water. The power of a pressure washer can also stir up and wash away different types of contaminants that could end up in the ground water. A professional will take steps to limit these environmental factors, and they will also do their best to avoid runoff that could contaminate ground water.

As an additional point, you also have to consider the different cleaning agents that may be used. If you are using a detergent of some sort, it is a good idea to try to go with the most environmentally friendly options. Most professional power washing services will use cleaning supplies that are environmentally friendly, and they will take steps to reduce the environmental impact of their work.

As a final reason to hire a professional power washing service in Toronto, you have the time and effort that it takes to do the work. By hiring a team of professionals, you do not have to go through the effort and spend your time doing the work. When you consider the fact that you will get better results, prevent damage and save yourself some time, it makes professional power washing a great value.

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