water fed pole visible with a toronto home in the background, two jets of water are visible streaming out of the brush end of the pole

Pure Water Cleaning; Water Fed Pole vs Traditional Squeegee

Posted: 10/11/17 - Category: Home

Technology has made it possible for exterior window cleaning to be quick and easy these days. Traditionally using a sponge, detergent and squeegee was the only way to get exterior windows really clean. But using the traditional method also meant that it was very difficult and sometimes dangerous to clean higher windows like second or third story windows and skylights. Some windows were just inaccessible even to professionals with professional grade equipment.

A water fed pole is revolutionizing the way that exterior windows are cleaned because it makes it fast, easy, and totally safe to clean even the tallest windows on a home from the ground. Most professional window cleaners now use water fed pole systems because it’s so much safer, faster, and in some ways it’s more effective than using the traditional squeegee method.

How It Works

A water fed pole is a well constructed extendable pole with a specially designed brush head on the end and a tube inside. A pump forces purified water up the tube and a button on the handle of the tube sprays water. The specially designed brush head loosens dirt, debris, mineral deposits and leaves from the windows. Then the water is used to wash those things away. The windows dry naturally in the air and the sun.

Since the water used is purified by reverse osmosis there are no chemicals, minerals, or other things in the water that would leave streaks on the window. It’s not necessary to dry the windows to keep them sparkling when only purified water is used. The water fed pole doesn’t even need detergent to get the windows clean. The brush and the purified water do all the work.

Water Fed Pole Vs. Traditional Squeegee

To show how much more effective a water fed pole cleaning system is for windows let’s look at a quick comparison between the two methods:

Supplies Needed

When using a traditional squeegee method to clean exterior windows professionals and homeowners alike need sponges, detergent, chamois or soft cloths, and squeegees. The squeegees need to be cut down to the side of the window. A ladder is also necessary for reaching high windows. That’s a lot of supplies.

A water fed pole uses only purified water and the actual pole system. It’s pretty obvious which method wins the advantage when it comes to the supplies that are needed to accomplish the task.


With a tall ladder it’s possible to use the squeegee method on high windows like those on the second or third story of a home. Skylights are still fairly inaccessible without some hard core equipment. Additionally cleaners need to balance all those supplies on the ladder in order to get the windows clean. Using tall ladders can be dangerous, even for people who are used to being up on ladders.

A water fed pole is mounted on an extendable pole so the cleaner can stay firmly on the ground. The pole extends up to 70 feet, so it can easily reach windows on the second or third stories of homes and it can reach skylights and other inaccessible windows as well. The water fed pole has such a long reach that it can be used to clean roof lights and roof mounted solar panels as well as windows. All without a ladder. So once again the advantage clearly goes to the water fed pole system.


Safety is a huge concern when cleaning windows. Ladders can be very dangerous. And it can be very dangerous for people to try and move around, balance supplies, and lean over to scrub high windows. Even the most experienced professionals are taking a risk when they use tall ladders to clean windows. Homeowners can risk their lives by trying to clean windows on ladders without a lot of experience. And homeowners who hire professionals that use ladders need to worry about their liability if there is an accident and someone gets hurt on their property. Safety concerns are one of the biggest reasons why homeowners put off cleaning their exterior windows or getting them cleaned.

But the water fed pole eliminates almost all safety concerns when it comes to cleaning exterior windows. Because the person operating the pole can stay safely on the ground and because the pole is just a lightweight pole that sprays pure water it’s totally safe to use. There are no concerns about anyone falling from ladders or becoming seriously injured. The safety advantage definitely belongs to the water fed pole method of cleaning exterior windows.


With the traditional squeegee method there is the cost of the supplies, the cost of the time needed to wet the windows, scrub the windows, rinse the windows, and dry the windows, and the cost of the time needed to clean up afterward.

Using a water fed pole uses significantly less time. And the only supplies needed are the pole and the purified water that is used to wash the windows. The water fed pole method of cleaning windows has another advantage when it comes to cost.

And The Winner Is

It’s pretty clear that using a water fed pole system to clean exterior windows is vastly superior to the traditional method using sponges, detergent, and squeegees. In every category the water fed pole comes out on top. It’s a safe and easy piece of equipment to use. The person doing the cleaning doesn’t need to climb tall ladders in order to clean tall windows. And because it only uses water it’s safe for the environment too. As an added bonus the water fed pole can be used to clean window frames, solar panels, decorate gingerbread or fascia, and dooways.

If you want to get your hone’s exterior windows cleaned the best possible way ditch the traditional squeegee method and look for a professional cleaner that uses a water fed pole system. You’ll get clean windows that are cleaned quickly, safely, and more cheaply than using the traditional squeegee method.