a professional window cleaner is hard at work cleaning the windows of a home in downtown Toronto, he is currently working with a window mop to dislodge dirt and dust on the window

Top Window Cleaning Supplies Used by the Pros

Posted: 06/15/17 - Category: Windows

Cleaning windows is tough job, but it is something that has to be done. It’s not just about having windows that are clear and look good, regular cleaning is also an important part of maintaining the glass.

Many homeowners put off this important home maintenance chore because it can take a lot of time and it is hard work. But it does not need to be as hard as you think it is. With the right tools, you can make the job easier and you can also get better results for cleaning your windows. In this post, we are going to look at some of the window cleaning supplies that pros use, and we tell you why they are better.

What most people use

Before we can really explain the points that help to make the professional tools better, we think it might help to take a look at some of the supplies that most people use when they do DIY window cleaning. It’s not to say that you can’t get your windows clean with these tools. It’s just that there are better alternatives.

Most people will use an old rag, some paper towels or a sponge when they clean their windows. Generally, they will use one item for washing the window, and then they have another for drying. It works, but it can be difficult to get that streak-free shine when you are wiping the windows down with these materials.

As a detergent, most people will go with a bottle window cleaning solution from the local grocery store. One again, you can get the job done this way, but you would never see a pro using this stuff. It takes more time to spray all of the windows down, and as much as the manufacturers claim it offers a streak-free shine, it is often not the case.

What the pros use

As a professional window cleaner, it is all about providing clients with a great finish, and doing it as quickly as possible. For cleaning windows around your home, getting some professional supplies can offer a great advantage. You can usually find professional window cleaning supplies at your local hardware store, and they are even sold online. Investing in proper supplies will get you cleaner windows, and it will pay you back in the time and effort that it helps to cut from doing the job.


a bottle of palmolive is visible, the soap is green and ready for useLike I mentioned above, most people will use some type of window cleaning solution that comes in a spray bottle. If you ask professionals, most tend to have a favourite detergent that they either buy or make themselves. We happen to prefer a specific detergent because it is eco-friendly, but you can get good results with cleaning products that you have a home.

If you are doing your own window cleaning, we recommend making soapy water with dish soap. Palmolive is actually really good for getting windows clean, and when used properly, it can give you a nice streak-free shine.

Cleaning Wand

a window mop is visible on a white background, the blue handle is very sturdy for daily use by professional window cleanersAlso commonly called a window mop, the cleaning wand is one of the key difference makers when it comes to professional window cleaning. It is essentially a T-bar and a sleeve. You can find wands that have telescoping handles, and there are different types of sleeves that you can buy for different cleaning jobs.

The window cleaning wands work well because you can dip them in the cleaning solution and spread the suds out liberally on the surface. They get the windows cleaned quickly, it makes the job easier, and they provide results that are much better than using a sponge or a towel.


a window squeegee is visible on a white background, the handle is blue and a hole is present for use with a pole attachmentA squeegee is another tool that is important for getting a good finish on your windows. The squeegee is the tool you will use to do most of your drying, and it helps to ensure that you do not leave streaks behind as you dry the windows.

Squeegees come in a variety of different sizes, and you can buy different types of rubber blades for your squeegees. A professional window cleaner might have a few different squeegees for work on different types of windows, but as a homeowner, you really only need one. The key is to buy a good one. There are a lot of cheap squeegees out there, and they do not provide good results, so it is worth the extra money to get one that will perform well.


a window scraper made by Richard, a replacement razor blade sits near the tool ready for useMost professional window cleaners will also carry a small scraping tool with them as they work. Some windows might have some tough marks or paint on them, and the scraper is used to remove this stuff from the glass before they start cleaning.

While a scraper can be a handy tool for removing grime that may not come off from regular scrubbing, homeowners should take care if they try to use one on their own windows. If you do not know how to use the tool properly, you run the risk of amaging the glass.


a window cleaning cloth sits on a white tableWindow cleaners will also carry a rag or a piece of cloth with them as they clean. This is to dry any excess water that did not get removed by the squeegee. Most homeowners would probably use paper towels or an old rag. This can work, but a microfiber cloth is probably the best option. They serve the purpose of drying the window, and they do not leave any lint behind.


bucket used by window cleaning professionals, visible are hooks for window squeegee and window mopIf you are planning on using professional window cleaning tools, you need to make sure that you have the right type of bucket. The standard bucket that you find around your house might not be a good option. Instead, you want to go with a bucket that is long enough to fit the window cleaning wand.

Beyond the tools mentioned above, a professional window cleaner is also going to have things like ladders and extension poles. They carry these tools to reach high windows. If you have a tall enough ladder and feel comfortable using, then it can be good for getting those high windows. As for the extensions, they can be useful for professionals, but most people will find them to be hard to use. It takes a little practice to get comfortable with using them.

If you don’t want to invest in these tools, but still want sparkling clean windows without all of the hassle, you can always contact a professional window cleaning service in Toronto. While the right window cleaning supplies are a big part of what helps the pros to get those great results, it is primarily their experience that makes them so good at what they do. A professional window cleaning service can get your windows clean and free of smudges and streaks, and they can get all of your high windows with no problems.