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Top Holiday Lights for 2024

Posted: 11/15/17 - Category: Home

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to start getting your home ready for the holidays. Before you start hauling all of your Christmas decorations out the attic or call for professional Christmas light installation, you might want to consider getting some new lights for your display.

It seems that every year we see new types of lights coming on the market. You can go with the classic incandescent Christmas lights, efficient LED lights and you also have a wide range of new lighting designs that can add some cool effects and new details to your lighting display. In this post, we are going to talk about the top Christmas lights that are available this holiday season.

AppLights Icicle Light Stringsapp lights

With these multi-coloured icicle string lights from AppLights, you can add some really cool effects to your holiday light display. These icicle lights look great and you can control them using your smartphone or tablet. Just download the app and you can turn them on or off from your device, and you can also choose from more than 140 different effects. They can be used both indoor and outdoor, and they connect to the Bluetooth on your device, giving them a control range of about 50 ft. You can even connect multiple strings and control them all from one device.

Sylvania Stay-Lit LED C9 Indoor/Outdoor Lightsstay lit platinum

If you like the classic look of the C9 Christmas light strings, these Sylvania Stay-Lit LED C9 string lights are a good option. You still get the traditional look of the C9 bulbs, but you also get the energy efficiency that comes with using LEDs instead of incandescent bulbs. Sylvania is also a reliable manufacturer, so you know you are getting a quality set of Christmas lights. The multi-coloured set looks good, they’ll keep working even with loose or burnt out bulbs and the set comes with up to 25,000 hours of bulb life.

Novolink Battery Operated Light Stringsnovolink lights

Now that Christmas lights come in LEDs, you also have the option of buying light strings that run off batteries. This can be great if you run out of plugs for all of your lights or if you do not want to run extension cords to areas that are far from the home. The battery-operated lights from Novolink come in cool white, they have eight different flashing modes and the set has a built-in timer. You just need three AA batteries to power the set and you can put them anywhere on your property.

LED Net Lightsled net lighting

Adding lights to your bushes can look good, but it takes a lot of time to get them right and it can be hard to get the lights evenly distributed. With a set of net lights, you can get the bushes done quickly and it provides a more even look. With this set of net lights from Novelty Lights, you have a set of multi-coloured lights that are ready to go on your bushes, and they are LEDs, so you also get the energy savings. This set is 4’ x 6’, but you can find them in different sizes and if you don’t want multi-coloured lights, you could go with white lights.

LED Tinsel Filled Globe from Christmas Lite Cotinsel filled christmas lights

If you are looking for a set of lights that have an interesting and unique look, a string of tinsel-filled globes might be a nice addition to your Christmas light display. They offer a unique lighting effect with the tinsel-filled globes and they come in LEDs, so they are also more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs. This set from Christmas Lite Co has 25 multi-coloured bulbs and they are rated for indoor and outdoor use.

Curtain Strand Lightscurtain strand xmas lights

Curtain strand lights can add a nice effect to some elements of your holiday light display. You hang them from around your porch to have a twinkling lights hanging around the perimeter of the area. You can get them in different shapes and colours and you can go with LED or incandescent bulbs. You can also get ones that stay on in a solid string of light or you could buy sets that offer a range of different patterns for the curtain lights.

Cascade Snowfall LED Iciclescascade snowfall lighting

The raindrop or snowfall icicles are another Christmas light product that can add a cool effect to almost any display. They come in a string of icicle lights that have a range of LEDs in each icicle. The LEDs light up from top to bottom to give the raindrop or falling snow effect. You can get sets with different sized icicles and you can also go with different colours. Some sets even offer battery powered strands for easy installation.

TaoTronics Remote Control LED Christmas Lightstaotronics christmas lights

The remote control Christmas lights from TaoTronics offer a good option for people that are looking to add something new and convenient to their holiday display. This is a set of LED string lights that can be controlled by a remote that comes with the set. You have ten different brightness levels that you can choose from and it has a range of effects and patterns that you can control from the remote. The set is also rated for indoor and outdoor use, so you have some flexibility for how you want to use them.

Wide Angle Bulbswide angle led holiday lights

You can now buy Christmas lights with wide-angle bulbs. With the wide-angle bulbs, you get more brightness and the design helps to distribute the light more evenly. Several manufacturers sell their own line of string lights with the wide-angle bulbs, and you can get them in a variety of different colours and in stands of different sizes.

Gemmy Lightshow Kaleidoscope String Lightskaliedoscope lighting

If you want some lights that provide an eye-catching effect, the kaleidoscope string lights from Gemmy are an interesting product. This is a set of LED string lights that have eight kaleidoscope bulbs on each string and when they are turned on, they produce a swirling and turning light effect. They certainly are not your traditional Christmas lights, but they do stand out.