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Is Your Home Ready for Autumn?

Posted: 09/27/17 11:02 PM - Category: Home

If you are hosting a get together at your home this year, you probably have a lot of points to cover to get everything ready. When company comes for this special holiday, you want to do what you can to make sure people enjoy their time at your home. You’re preparing a big meal, maybe some drinks, getting rooms ready for people that might be spending the night. It’s a lot to do, but it’ll all be worth it if you get it right.

Beyond the food, refreshments and the accommodations, you also want to make sure that your home looks good for when company arrives. You don’t want your family showing to house that looks like it is a mess or that it is poorly cared for.

Getting the house ready for an event like this can take a lot of effort. You are probably already planning on doing some serious interior cleaning and you’re likely to go straighten up the front yard. Aside from that, there are a few other things that you may want to add to your Autumn checklist.

Clean Your Windows

As guests arrive, you don’t want them to see windows that are dirty, smudged or cloudy. If you want your home to look truly impressive, that means you are going to have to clean all of the windows. Clean windows will make your home look better as people approach, and it will also affect the look of your home when people are relaxing on the inside.

Aside from just making your home look nicer as people come to your house, clean windows also make for a more comfortable indoor atmosphere. You can keep the curtains open and let in some sunlight for guests that arrive during the day. The natural light will create a nicer indoor environment and that will make for happier, more comfortable guests.

Your home will also look cleaner from the inside when the windows are nice and clear. If you are spending all that time cleaning the house, you want it to look clean from top to bottom. Why go through all that effort if you are going to leave your windows dirty?

As an added benefit, it isn’t just about getting the home ready for your guests. Window cleaning is also important for maintaining the windows. Over time, stuff can build up on the glass. If left to sit there long enough, some of that material can cause damage. Along with that, it is also a good opportunity to get all of your window frames and screens clean. With the coldest weather of the year ahead, it’s a good idea to get this chore done one last time before winter.

Before the family comes, take the time clean both the interiors and the exteriors of your windows. Don’t just clean the ones that are easy to reach, get all of the windows in the home. Remove the screens to make sure they are clean, and take the time to clean the frames around the windows. With this job done, your home will look great, and you will be able to provide a much more enjoyable atmosphere for your guests.

If you are little too busy add this chore to your Autumn checklist, call the team from NICK’S Window Cleaning. We can come out to make sure your windows are as clean as they can be for your holiday gathering, and we can get all of your hard to reach windows – both interior and exterior. We’ll make sure your windows have an impressive streak-free shine, get your screens clean and clean around the window frames. Give us a call and we will come out to make sure your windows are looking great for when your guests come for the holidays.

Clean Your Eavestroughs and Downspouts

Part of having a nice home is having a home that is well maintained. When you are doing some things around the house in preparation for Autumn, you might check the plumbing, clean the carpets and make sure your bathrooms are looking good, but have you considered getting your eavestroughs and downspouts cleaned?

You might not realize it, but your eavestroughs are one of the most important components for protecting your home from damage. They collect all of the water that runs down your roof and channel it away from the home. When they get dirty and clogged, it can put the entire structure at risk. It can lead to foundation damage, damage to siding, damage to the fascia, damage to the roof and damage to doors and window frames.

Cleaning your gutters is important for more than just having an impressive home, it is about keeping the home in order and protecting it from damage. With Autumn on the way, you have the perfect reminder to get this job done. We’re just getting into fall, and winter is on the way. Before even more stress is put on your home’s eavestroughs and gutters, you should think to have them cleaned.

Clogged eavestroughs and downspouts could also affect the experience of your guests as they come. When the gutter system on your home gets backed up, the water has to go somewhere. In most cases, that means overflowing and running over the side of the gutters. This could create a mini downpour in any area of the home that has a clogged gutter, and as that water runs over the side, it could pool up on the ground and create muddy, dirty conditions in the yard. By taking the time to get your gutters cleaned, you are ensuring that this does not happen.

In the middle of all of your holiday preparations, you could take the time to do this job yourself, but there is some benefit to calling in the pros. To start, it will take one more task off your list of things to do, but it will also ensure that the job is done right. You won’t have to haul out a ladder, climb up there or take the risk of a fall right before your holiday celebration.

Cleaning gutters is a dirty job that requires a lot of time and hard work, but if you call NICK’S, it is one job you can take of your list. Call us out for a thorough cleaning of all of your eavestroughs and downspouts. We’ll make sure they are working as they should, and this will ensure that your home gutter system is ready for the coming holiday, and the coming season.

Gutter Inspection and Repair

If you have somebody up there cleaning the eavestroughs and downspouts, then you should also have them inspect the gutters for damage and perform the necessary repairs. The components of a gutter system do wear out over time, and you should get it inspected at least once a year. If you want to ensure that your eavestroughs can serve the intended purpose, inspections and maintenance are in order.

The average gutter system will last about 20-25 years, but there is a good chance that it will need some minor repairs to keep it working. The hardware can come loose, components can corrode, cracks and leaks can form over time. With regular inspections, you can catch these problems early, and ensure the long life of your gutter system.

As an additional point, poorly maintain gutters won’t look good when you have guests over. Things like leaks and loose sections can cause the same types of problems that you would have with clogged gutters. The water can leak down and damage the home, and you could also have the same problems with mud and water. Furthermore, things like rusty, sagging gutters are an eyesore. Your home will look much better if you get things like that taken care of before people come over.

With your gutters already being cleaned and inspected, you could also consider hanging your Christmas lights. Christmas isn’t that far off, and with the gutters getting worked on, you already have a person that is in position to hang the lights. It will be easier to get the two jobs done at the same, rather than waiting a few more weeks to send a person up there again for the lights.

When you hire a professional team to clean out your eavestroughs and downspouts, we don’t just clear out all of the leaves and debris. We inspect the entire gutter system to make sure that everything is in good shape. If you need any repairs, we’ll let you know, and we can perform the work while we are there on the job. After we leave, you can rest assured that your gutters are not only as clean as they can be, you will also know that we performed a full inspection and performed the necessary repairs.

If you let us know before we come out, we can also hang your Christmas lights while we are up there. We provide professional Christmas light installation, so that is one more job that you won’t have to worry about as you prepare for the holidays.

Power Washing Your Exterior

Cleaning the inside of your home will help to get things looking nice for company, but the exterior is just as important when it comes to having an impressive home. When it comes to getting the exterior of a home looking as good as it can, a little power washing can go a long way.

Power washing can be the perfect remedy for home exteriors that look old and worn out. The high-pressure water can remove some of the toughest stains and soiling, and it does it with much less effort and in much less time. If you want to make sure your home is looking its best for Autumn, you might want to take a walk around the exterior to see if there is anything that could use some power washing.

When you are looking for things to clean, power washing could be applied to a number of outdoor cleaning chores. If your driveway is looking dirty or has oil stains, power washing can get it clean. Is your fence looking old and discoloured? A power washer could get it looking good as new. Power washing could be used to clean up your deck, the siding on your home, sidewalks and walkways, the patio and a whole lot more.

Now, you could potentially do this chore yourself, but this is another home maintenance chore that you might want to leave to the pros. If you already have a lot to do while getting ready for your guests, you have to think about whether you have time to go rent a power washer and to do the work. Along with that, you also have to think about your safety and the quality of the work.

Anybody can rent a power washer, but most people don’t know how to use them properly. If used improperly, a pressure washer could expose the user to the risk of injury, and it could also cause damage to the surfaces being cleaned. When you hire professionals, you reduce these risks significantly.

Power washing can be a great way to get your home looking its best for when company comes over, and the team from NICK’S Window Cleaning can provide the results that you are looking for. Smart homeowners depend on us for top of the line pressure washing equipment, and we have the training and the know how to get the job done right. Contact NICK’S Window Cleaning for all of your power washing needs this Autumn.

We’re here to help you get ready for Fall

We take pride in our work, and we look forward to helping you get your home ready for Autumn. If you need your windows cleaned, we can come by to make sure they look great for your holiday event. We can clean and inspect your gutters before company comes over, and we can provide power washing services and we can hang your Christmas lights as well.

We understand that you have a lot on your plate as you get ready for your family to come by. If you need any of our services to help prepare for Autumn, we would be happy to come by when you need us. Contact our team to schedule an appointment.

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