How To Clean A Window With A Squeegee

Posted: 07/12/17 12:20 AM - Category: Windows

Nothing will give your home a quick spruce up like cleaning the windows. Cleaning both the outdoor and indoor windows will make your home shine and make the interior of your home bright and inviting. If you’re hosting family parties or if you often have guests you should be cleaning the windows regularly or having them cleaned.

There’s no doubt that using a squeegee is the best way to clean windows. Rags are messy. They leave streaks. And you have to wash dirty rags when you’re done. Paper towels can be expensive. And they have rough fibers that can end up scratching or pitting the glass in the windows. Newspaper works pretty well, but not too many people buy newspapers anymore so it’s not something that most people have around the house. And newspaper can leave ink stains on the window frame that are difficult to remove.

The best option for window cleaning is a squeegee. Using a squeegee for indoor windows is a fast and effective method to clean windows. Squeegees make it easy to reach up to the top of the window and you can clean the whole window quickly instead of working in sections. They are a lot less messy than other methods as well. But there’s a trick to getting a streak free clean window when using a squeegee. You have to use the right technique in order to make sure that the water or cleaning fluid is removed in one smooth stroke or you will end up getting streaks.

The Professional Tool Of Choice

squeegee ready for cleaning windowsPeople have been using the squeegee to clean windows for almost 100 years. Originally the squeegee was developed as a tool for professional window cleaners. When people started building skyscrapers and huge office and apartment buildings in the big cities the window cleaners needed a better, safer and faster way to clean the windows in those buildings. A smart inventor adapted the idea of the squeegee from a machine that was used to clean floors and to clean the streets in big cities and came up with the squeegee. The long handle made it easy to reach higher windows. And the heavy rubber blade would remove dirt and grime easily and quickly so that windows could be cleaned more efficiently.

These days professional window cleaners still use squeegees. Squeegees make cleaning indoor windows easy. But they are also the best tool to use to clean outdoor windows. If you’re interested in getting outside windows that sparkle it’s a good idea to hire a professional window cleaning service. The technicians have professional quality window cleaner and specially designed double bladed squeegees that allow them to clean off layers of dust and debris quickly.

Cleaning outside windows also can be dangerous for homeowners that don’t have the right equipment to reach second or third story windows. Or homeowners that aren’t used to working on a ladder for an extended period of time. Window washing requires a bit of physical effort, even with a squeegee. So it’s much smarter to let professional window cleaners who are used to moving about at great heights clean the outside windows. That way you can stay safely on the ground but still get the beautiful shining clean windows that will make your house look great.

Cleaning picture windows, bay windows and other large window surfaces should always be done by a professional. It’s very easy for homeowners to start cleaning those large windows and then find out that they didn’t have the right tools to do the job. The windows will end up streaky and spotty which will look bad. And on a large surface window like a picture window those streaks and other problems will definitely be noticed. A regular window squeegee isn’t large enough to tackle those types of large windows or sliding glass doors. But professionals have the right tools to handle tough window cleaning jobs like cleaning dormer windows, bay windows, sliding glass doors, and picture windows.

Professional Cleaning Methods

The most commonly used window cleaning method by professionals is “fanning”. “Fanning” involves using the squeegee to perform a series of short strokes in several different directions. This directs the water and cleaning solution and keeps it from getting under the blade of the squeegee. If water or cleaning solution gets under the blade of the squeegee it can be smeared across the window. That will cause streaks. Professional window cleaners have been using the fanning method for decades to clean difficult to clean windows that have layers of dirt, dust and debris on them. With professional quality cleaning solution and a professional squeegee this method cleans windows fast.

But you can also use this method with your own squeegee and regular glass cleaner if you want to make sure that your interior windows are sparkling clean as well. If you find the fanning method difficult you can just move the squeegee up and down in straight strokes. If you move the squeegee quickly and evenly, without moving the blade, you will still get beautifully clean interior windows. Interior windows are easier to clean because they don’t have dust, debris, pollen and other grime sticking to them. Streaks are usually the biggest problem that people have when cleaning interior windows.

Call A Professional

Even interior windows can take a lot of time and effort to clean. If you’re not used to heavy cleaning or you want to make sure that your windows look their best before you sell your home or before you have guests over it’s smart to hire a professional window cleaning crew. Trained window cleaning technicians can get any windows clean, even windows that are old and not in the greatest shape. As a bonus when a professional cleans the windows in your home they will be looking for signs of damage on your windows and on the window frames too. If they find any damage or potential problem areas they will let you know so that you can get those fixed before you have to replace the entire window.