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Why Hire A Pro to Install Your Christmas lights?

Posted: 09/20/17 9:26 PM - Category: Windows

If you are like most people, you might enjoy the look of a house that has a full Christmas light display, but you probably do not look forward to all of the work that goes into installing the lights and maintaining the display. Hanging Christmas lights is hard work. You have to haul all of the lights out of storage, make sure everything works, then you have to go around the house with a ladder to hang all of the lights.

Hiring a team of Christmas light installers is a good way to get the Christmas light display you want without all of the hard work and stress. In this post, we are going to look at a few of the reasons why this is one job that is better left to the pros.

It’s Safer

When most people think about what they don’t like about installing Christmas lights, they tend to focus on things like digging the lights out of the attic or having to untangle the lights. However, hanging Christmas lights also comes with a range of safety issues. When you hire a team of pros to install your Christmas lights, you are making a choice to protect your own safety.

Working from a ladder comes with some significant risks. All it takes is a split second for you to lose your balance, and the next thing you know, you are on the grown and in a lot of pain. If you are looking for ways to put a damper on the Christmas spirit, few things can do it like broken bones and time in the hospital.

Even if you don’t experience a fall, there are other safety concerns. You could get hurt carrying the ladder around. A ladder that reaches up to your roof is going to be heavy and awkward to handle. One minute, you might be working as usual, then all of sudden you feel a sharp pain in your back. Injuries like these are not uncommon when hanging Christmas lights, and they can persist for months after the holidays have ended.

Professional Look

When you hire professionals, you get professional quality results. Professional Christmas light installers are going to know how to make the most of the lights, and they are going to know how to achieve the ideal results for your property.

At the beginning of the process, the installers will probably sit down with you to get an idea of what you want from your Christmas light display. They will go over some of your options for lighting design.  They might make some suggestions concerning the best way to hang the lights and how to accent different parts of the property.

Once you have worked out a design scheme for the lights on your property, the installer will work up a plan to make it happen. They’ll provide a full explanation of the plan to the homeowner and the installer will answer any questions you may have. After that, the team will get to work hanging the lights, based on the plan that you developed with the lead installer.

Professional Equipment

Another advantage to hiring professionals is that they use professional equipment. A company that offers professional Christmas light installation is going to use high-quality lights, and the best equipment and hardware for hanging those lights. In addition to that, they are going to use the best equipment for gaining access to all of the high places where the work is going to be performed.

The first point to consider is the quality of the lights and the electrical cords that will be used. A professional installer is going to use lights that not only look good, but they are also going to ensure that the lights are safe for the application. They will use the right cords for outdoor use, and they will make sure that the cords are run in a way that is safe.

Most installers will only use lights and cords that they approve. With the safety risks and potential insurance issues, this is an important point to go over before you hire a company to hang your Christmas lights. They might be willing to use your lights and cords, but they are going to want to make sure that they meet certain standards before they do the work.

It Saves Time

As much as we all love the holiday season, all of the extra obligations can make it a stressful time of year. You still have to go to work and maintain all of your regular obligations, but you have a whole lot of additional tasks and chores to attend to.

Depending on the scale of the job, hanging Christmas lights can be something that you have to dedicate the better part of a day to. You start by getting out the lights, testing equipment and by the time you even start getting the lights up, you might be a few hours in.

When you hire professional Christmas light installers, it saves you this day of hard work and aggravation. They can do all of this work for you, and they can probably do it in much less time. You can spend the time relaxing while the professionals hang your lights, or you can focus on some of the other Christmas preparations that need your attention.

Maintenance & Removal

One of the things about Christmas lights is that hanging them is not the end of the job. Getting them up will get your home ready for the holidays, but you also have to consider things like the maintenance of the lights and removing them after the holiday season has passed. When you hire a team of professionals, things like removal and maintenance are covered for you.

If you find that a section of lights go out a few days before Christmas, all you have to do is call the installers and they will come out to fix it. When the season has passed, you can then schedule their return, and they will take all of the lights down and make sure they are stored for next year.

For some people, hanging the lights is a part of the joy that comes with a Christmas display, but for most, it is just a necessary hassle that comes with the season. If you want to guarantee a Christmas light display that looks great, while also saving yourself from the time, the effort and the potential for injury, hiring professional installers is a great investment.

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