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8 Dazzling Christmas Light Ideas

Posted: 11/9/17 12:27 AM - Category: Home

There is so much to love about the Holiday season, but for some people, nothing beats a good Christmas light display. When it is done right, it can be really attractive and people will marvel at how you were able to pull of such a well-designed display. Not feeling up to it yourself? Well you can always hire professionals to install your Christmas lights for you.

When it comes to making an interesting display that will stand out, you have tons of different options. You have a variety of different options for lights and there are all sorts of decorations that can give your display the perfect touch. In this post, we are going to look at some interesting ideas that you could use to create the perfect Christmas light display for your home.

Glowing Shapes

kid messing around with christmas lights inside of a toronto homeMost people just go with the traditional approach of using light strings and some Christmas themed decorations, but with modern lighting options, you have some opportunities to do something that is really interesting. If you want to create a unique design for your yard, you could go with any number illuminating shapes.

If you are still going with a more traditional design, you could hang snowflake shaped lights or lights with the Moravian star design from your trees, but you could also go with something like glowing LED orbs and cubes placed around the yard for something that has a really interesting to look at. Depending on your Christmas light design, you could look for all sorts of illuminating shapes that could integrate in with the rest of your lights.

Lighting Your Trees

Adding lights to the trees in your yard can be a great way to add more detail and light to the display. As I mentioned in the last sections, you can hang different light-up decorations in the trees, but you also have some options for wrapping the trees with strands of light.

Of course, you have different types of outdoor lights with different bulbs and different colours, but you could also consider a number of different methods for hanging the lights. As an option to add more lighting to the yard, you could also buy synthetic trees that come with built-in lights.

The Gingerbread House

If you are feeling particularly festive, you could go with a themed Christmas light display. As one option for your themed light display, turning your house into a life-sized gingerbread house could make your home one of the most interesting displays on the block. You could line your walls with several strands of lights and use decorations like candy canes and light-up peppermints to finish off the look. It will take some serious lighting work and attention to detail, but it will look great when you are done.

Highlight Features in the Yard

You could also use Christmas lights to highlight different features in the yard. White lights could be great for edging around the yard and setting a boundary for the display. You could also light up your flowerbeds by lining them with lights. You also have a range of Christmas decorations that do not lighting up. Instead of adding lights to these decorations, you could use your Christmas lights to accent and illuminate any decorations that do not have lighting.

Light Your Walkways

Lining your walkways with lights can look great, and it can be good way to provide light for people using the walkways. As a simple option, you could just edge the walkways with white Christmas lights, but you also have some interesting options that could help your house stand out.

The simple ideas still look good, but you could come up with a number of different ways to light up a walkway and make it an interesting part of the Christmas light display. Instead of just edging the walkway, you could line it with lights that have a candy cane design. Along with that, you could consider building light-up arches that go over the walkways.

Light the Porch

Your porch provides its own opportunities for interesting Christmas light solutions. You could hang icicles from the porch ceiling and line the railings with strands of Christmas lights. You also have a range of different decorations that could go out the porch to add some life to the scenery. When you decorate the porch, you could also consider using lights to accent different elements of the porch. Lining the railings with lights is good, but you could also add elements to the windows and the front door.

Coloured Lights for Contrast

With some designs, you might just go with white lights for a uniform look. In other cases, having multi-coloured lights can also be good. As another option, you could use white lights for most of the home, and then use coloured lights on certain features to help set them apart from the rest of the design. As an example, you could do this with any large trees on the property. With white lights through most of the design, the trees will really stand out if they have coloured lights.

Lights with Music

A good Christmas light display will look good with the lights all on its own, but there is something especially compelling about a display where different elements light up in time with music. You may have seen some of the videos of some of the more elaborate versions of these displays on YouTube, but you do not even need to go to all of that effort or spend all of that money to get a display that has lights with music.

The most sophisticated setups have dozens of channels and software that allows you to program your own custom light display, but you could spend a fraction of the money and get a system that operates on 6-channels and comes with preprogrammed displays that go with preloaded Christmas songs.

A good Christmas light display takes time and effort. You have to design a scheme for where you want all of the lights to be, get the supplies and then you have to take the time to install your Christmas lights. For some people, it is a great investment of their time, but other people might not be able to get around to building a good Christmas light display. If you donโ€™t have the time, one option is to contact a team of professional Christmas light installers.

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