commercial window cleaner hard at work cleaning the window inside of a toronto area business

How to Choose a Commercial Window Cleaner

Posted: 10/31/16 - Category: Windows

Cleaning is an absolute must for most businesses. A clean-looking business gives your clients a better feeling about your company, so you need the best cleaning companies. If you are looking for a quality cleaning company to keep your business sparkling, be sure to only go with companies that have the following elements. Finding the right commercial window cleaner in Toronto requires a bit of knowledge, these tips will help ensure that you get quality work at a fair price.


Workers need insurance. This covers both the cleaning company and you, the client, from any and all financial burdens that can happen from simple accidents. Without insurance, you could end up getting sued by your cleaning company for damages for something that wasn’t your fault. Instead of leaving yourself open to such circumstances, choose a cleaning company that respects you and their employees enough to keep them insured.

Fall Arrest Certification

Safety should always be the top concern of any company, but this is especially true for cleaning companies. Windows are dangerous, often placed up high and require awkward stances to truly clean. When the work requires heights, the best cleaning companies have Fall Arrest certification for all of their employees, meaning each one is equipped with the right safety equipment and the skills necessary to complete their work safely. Companies without this certification could leave you open to lawsuits, and you could end up having someone severely injured on your property.


While it may seem simple, window cleaning is best left to the experts. Always employ a company that has demonstrable experience in cleaning. That way, your business will be working with people who know what they’re doing.


The best commercial cleaning companies work directly with their clients to create cleaning plans and schedules that meet expectations and needs. If your prospective cleaning company is inflexible in their service, including restricting how often or when you get your window cleanings, then look for someone who will work with you.

Quality Work

Finally, your cleaning company should provide quality and consistent work that sparkles. Always ask around for recommendations by people you trust for a quality company, but also head online to read reviews. Go for a company that has consistent reviews. Every company will surely have negative reviews, but be discerning in who’s random comments you trust to build a general picture of how the company conducts their business. Don’t go with a cheaper company if they do sub-par work. You want only the best for your company, expect that in the ones with which you work as well.

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, the best companies offer quality work, flexibility, and a respect for you and their workers. By going with a company that has all of these elements, your business will be cleaner and more presentable to your clients.